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The Storm King

(librarian's note: This was provided in a missive sent to wide distribution by Sir Tetch in 1002)

Date: September 25, 993
Place: Purgatory Chasm
Gathering: The Storm King
Learned: Fortune Tell

Prospero returned to Fay, and somehow managed to split the land in two. The two halves were separated by a strange fog, that only a very few creatures could navigate through. Prospero created and released four elementals to terrorize us. The fire elemental was playful, sort of.. He was fast and reigned fire on those that caught its attention. He was finally destroyed when someone doused him with water. The earth elemental was strong, but slow, and only could be destroyed by axe and mace shots to a narrow rift in its chest. The air elemental was cruel and deceptive, and often killed her adversaries by slowly draining the air out of her victims, causing them to choke and suffocate. I do not recall much of the water elemental. In my quest to learn fortune tell, I was teamed up the Tim, Mit's brother, who was also learning the spell. To complete our learning, we needed to find a boat to cross the glowing water. Sergei, (not of folkestone, but one that bore a striking resemblance to Cutter McMain), attempted to help us in our endevor (or at least keep a mage and a healer alive.) Eventually, frustrated, the pair of us cast fortune tell in a ritual to try and find the boat, and complete our quest to learn fortune tell... the gods were amused by that, and gave us our request. Eventually, we found a boat each.

The boat could hold two people. The boat was able to travel over the misty rift in Fay, and take the occupants to Prosperos' castle. I had a boat, so decided to take Sir Jarrod of Folkestone with me to assault the fortress in an attempt to get the lost Wayland blade
back, and repair the rift in Fay. We were guided there, but I cannot recall by what.

Arriving on the island, we saw a sword lodged in a stone. It's name was "Axe Caliber" (see: Axe Calibur). Both Jarrod and I tried to remove the sword from the stone, but failed.

We entered the fortress (meta: a portable, wooden dungeon) and snuck in. We were attacked by golems, but I managed to parry for long enough that Jarrod managed to kill them. I stuck my head around the corner into the next room and something struck me dead. I'm told
Prospero killed me. Further, Jarrod, in full chain, quickly felled the mage. ('magic missile', 'armor one'.. 'bummer'.) I'm told there were quite a few riches in that room, but Jarrod wisely only took the Wayland blade and departed. He failed to scalp Prospero, and so someone ended up dragging his sorry corpse off to resurrect him later. I believe the Wayland blade Jarrod recovered ended up in Oberon's keeping.

This was the first time I met Sir Raven, acting Knight Commander of the KoEF since Sir Callin's death in the Black Cauldren. I liked Raven. He was fun to play with. Raven is a runecaster from somewhere far away. He wears black, and occasionally runes. He eventually took Alric of Tuath Fasach as a squire. He arrived in the realms with the Wayland blade, Morax.
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