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Lost Gate 3

(librarian's note: This was provided as a missive sent to wide distribution in 1002 by Sir Tetch)

Date: May 6, 995
Place: Folkestone (East or West Foss Farm, Durham, UNH, NH)
Gathering: History: Lost Gate Three: The Trial of the Avatar
Gathering number: 46
Learning: I didn't learn anything, I wasn't *quite* there...

The invasion of Folkestone by the Nameless Ones forces attracted quite the turnout. Over 200 of the Realms finest came to halt the invasion, and keep Folkestone Free. A fair contingent of the Southern Wastes, Folkestone, the Eclipse and The Seer's Guild went to the Western Flank to stop invasions from that side, along with a scattered array of others, while the forces of Chimeron, the Barony, Blackavar, Gwenethlin, Creathorne and many others remained near to Folkestone Hall with Lord Sir Jarrod to defend the rest.
I remember the following people specifically being there to help defend: Lady Anne, Sir Tardehl, the Vampires Tir O'Sean, Giana and the one I forget the name of (played by L Dave Fay), Sir Randal the Light, Sarabet and Garret, Lorhner, Gwendolyn the Dark, The Baron of Banecroft, Morgil (Still Malabar), Peregrin, Sir Shane, Adyan, Sir Queen Meg, and Cinnabar. I might remember more given time..

The Nameless One attacked Folkestone with the augmented forces of Skullcrusher, the clan Kurian. Most of them had been altered and bred, giving them immunities to certain weapons. Further, they were trained to use their immunities to their full advantage (Mike Palumbo as Skullcrusher).. Also with them was a pack of Shadowbeasts (Jesse Perry, Jared Buzby, Kathy Horn?, Terry Armstrong, and Carol Livermore, I think), a group of powerful trolls (Al Nelson, Frank and Lynne Pulito, Sandy and Jeff), and an alarming number of Kobolds led by the Kobold General. (Dave Dolph was the Kobold General. I only remember Kerry Campbell playing a kobold.. I think this was her first event..)

Kurt, the northern god of getting things done right now!, possessed me.. So I watched and listened, and pleaded with the god from time to time to help more directly... but for the most part, was helpless in the back of my own head..

The forces of the Realms had to contend with a very large army. They also had to be certain to hold a number of points in Folkestone to thwart the Nameless One's advances. They succeeded, obviously, but it was a near thing...

The first engagement of the day, Tardehl and Jarrod sent the heavily armed and armored forces of Chimeron out to a strategic point known as 'the crossroads' to hold it. Reports had told them the orcs were there.. they were not expecting the horde, and soon, some helpful peasants dragged their remains back.

The Savage Beast, Karatha (played by Tom Johnson), was captured by the Forces of the Nameless one, and somehow, She managed to sever the beast's tail off.. Twisted and enraged, The Savage Beast attacked the realms, a Shard of the Soul Blade buried in it's arm. The Lady Anne stopped the creature by singing to him. She sang and controlled the creature for nearly six hours straight. Quite an exhausting feat. A few others helped her from time to time, picking up the tune so she might rest. Peregrin and Stuart recovered the Soul Blade shard.

It was discovered that Marie (Played by Dee Herrera), and ancient and very powerful healer, had been seduced by the Nameless One into helping her war efforts by healing the army. Mug, her gargoyl (played by Steve Johnson) was also there, faithfully guarding. Marie was still lacking her heart, and without it, wasn't acting herself at all. Randal the Light managed to find her heart within the wildes of Folkestone, and brought it back to the witch, securing her aid for the realms, and changing the tide of battle.

A fire elemental (played by Andy LaPoint aka Quick) was also captured by the Beast, and sent against the realms. Conventional weapons didn't work on him, and though magic weapons stunned him for a time, he continued to come back.

Adyan attempted to scalp him, but only managed to destroy his magical blade instead. Sarabet and Garret noted that the Fire Elemental had several runes scribed on him. Garret decided he would have to get a closer look.. taking Sarabet with him, notepad and stylus in her hands, Garret approached the fire elemental, and pretended he was a reporter from the Fire Elemental Gazette, or some such, and asked him a few questions, while Sarabet madly copied the runes on his skin, pretending to record the answers. The pair escaped with the informaion, and the runes were deciphered. They turned out to be the elementals' true name, Scorch. Armed with this knowledge, they trapped the elemental, and were going to destroy him, but the elemental pleaded with Lorhner (who had the magus dagger at the time, and so the abilities to destroy him with an enfeeble being spell) not to kill him.
Lorhner took the elementals advice, and using the True Name spell sicced the Fire Elemental on the forces of the Nameless One.

At every engaugement where Skullcrusher was slain and scalped, he gained a weapon immunity. By the end of the invasion, though the forces of the Nameless One had been defeated, Skullcrusher had gained much power. I believe he was only vulnerable to Polearms and Daggers by the time the war was over.

The swords Smaug and Fafnir were destroyed at this gathering.

I'm sure there are many more tales that can be told of this, by the people that were not held prisoner in their own head....

Sir Tetch Korucanta
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Magi of the Realms
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