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Performed by: Sir Tetch
Place/Gathering : Feast of Min 3
Date: 1002
Original by/Sung to: artist unknown


You cannot take my husband, he is not fit for war
he has no gifts for fighting, he doesn't care what your fighting for
He is the master of this house, he plants and tills the fields
and if you take him off to war, what will become of me?

But they bound him up in heavy chain, and they dragged him through the town,
and they put him on their wooden ships, and they broke his spirit down,
and a fortnight later they told me, how a dagger pierced his side,
how he fought to the death in the raging sea, then slowly sank and died.

And oh, the ravens, with souls, like candle light
messengers of doom, they sit and they call my name, each night.

You cannot take my bonny boy, you cannot take my son
he is only twenty years old and his life has just begun
The girls all find him handsome, and the boys all find him grand
what kind of a life can my bonny boy lead with a dagger in his hand?

But they sent him off to a foreign war, and they taught him how to kill
and I heard from a friend, though life not at end, he was lying very ill
For his body burned with fever, and it burned his body dry,
it dried his heart, it dried his bones... it left no tears to cry...


You cannot take my life away, you cannot take my life,
for my only son is now lying cold and I am a dead mans' wife.
There is noone left to keep me warm, my heart is bruised and sore
why come you then, why come you then, to knock upon my door?

Death came disguised as soldiers, Death came disguised as war
Death came disguised as a starlit night...
and he calls my name once more.

(Chorus x2)
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