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Quest to Ravenloft

(librarian's note: This was provided as part of a larger missive sent by Sir Tetch to wide distribution in 1002, a reprint and addendum was sent in 1006)

April 17, 993
My next journey, again with Meerkat, but also accompanied by Bear O'laf, Griffon, Robert, and Ferret of Tuath Fasach, was to the area of Ravenloft, which is now known as Eagles' Rook. A "Quest to Ravenloft", as it were. If This was the time I met Eth, and Thorn. I learned Cure disease from Kilteer. There was a quest for Squire (now Sir) Murial to rescue her knight, Sir Gunner. I don't know the details though, as only a very, very few people were allowed to participate. In the meantime, IF I'm remembering correctly (again, it was an awful long time ago for me), this was the encounter with the Cu Goblin. They arrayed themselves before us, and one stepped forth and declared something to the effect of 'you have angered our gods' and as if on cue, the sound of thunder rumbled, and it began to rain in torrents, forcing most of us to run for cover from the storm. The Cu Goblin were fierce warriors with hard skins. The first time I died was at their hands.
Shadow (now Pyr) raised me.

If my understanding is not horribly impaired, Gunner was saved, and his father killed, and Gunner renamed the land "Eagle's Rook" claiming it as his own. There is probably a whole lot more that happened that I am unaware, or confused about.


Toward the end of the gathering, as the sun was going down, the Lady Dee of Chimeron was made a Knight of the Eternal Flame by Sir Kugan, the Knight Commander of the Knights of the Realms. Lady, Lady, Dame Dee was the last person to be Knighted by the Knight of the Realms, into the Knights of the Eternal Flame.

For those that did not know her... Dee was a bard and a healer. It was she that raised Meerkat when he was slain by orcs at the Grub's Feast. At nearly every gathering, she would take out a guitar, and play, sing, and tell tales nearly all night long. She was a hub of the community. She inspired community - that simple reaction to gathering as a people for retellings of tales, or joining in for a common chorus. She was very friendly, and could get along with almost anyone. I don't recall ever seeing her angry, or at least not for very long. She was always kind. She was a bit taller than me, with dark curly hair, dark eyes, and round features. I don't recall ever seeing her use a weapon.

Since she has gone, it is rare to see such community. Bardics only occur rarely, and seemingly only for contests, not for fun.
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