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In the Woods

Performed by: Sir Barrett of the Eclipse (a.k.a B. Fiddy)
Place/Gathering : Champion's Bardic for Team Twenaria, Queen of Hearts
Date: 1003
Original by/Sung to: "In the Club" by 50 Cent


Go Twen, it's your Bardic
We gonna party 'cause it's your Bardic.
I'm acting kinda retarded 'cause it's your Bardic.
And you don't have a choice 'cause it's your Bardic...

You can find me in the woods,
in the Black and Blue duds.
I'm rockin' Twen's leaf,
on my polar fleece hoods.
I'm steppin' knee deep
up in other people's blood,
so come give me a hug
if you're one of Twen's buds.

I'm behind your line, twenty people all around
Twenty seconds later, twenty bodies on the ground.
I roll with Alanom cause the pay is damn good.
Beats the heck outta farmin' rocks and cutting wood.

When it's time to throw down, we up
It's the 'clipse
with the blue and black split
Show us Twen, who to hit.

When I move, don't mistake me for a Hank or Gimp,
I get hit in the junk a lot, that's why I walk with a limp.

Now up North, the ladies say 'Barrett you're made."
They like me, I want them to love me, like they love Blade.
But holler at the Lost Kingdoms and they'll tell you I'm loco
'Cause the plan is to put the Erl King in a choke hold.

I'm full on focus man, my money on my mind.
Made a Crown last time around
And I'm still in the grind.

Twen said she was feeling my style, and liking my flow.
She asked me to Champion, and I couldn't say no.


My skills pay bills.
They bring Ka-ching.
They buy my mercenary things.
My plate, my chain, my sword, my board.
I'm pimpin' punk, and you ain't got a god-damned thing.

And you should love it, way more than you hate it.
Brother you man? I thought that you'd be happy I made it.
I'm that Merc fireside toasting to the good life.
Moved outta Fleetwood to Tuath Fasach, right...

When it's dark and we're questing, here's how it's goin'
I'm gonna smile and I twitch, and the monsters are gone.
If the roof on fire, fuck it, let it burn.
Lest we're talking about The Unicorn, I ain't concerned.

Gonna tell you what the Boss told me
said "Go 'head, switch your styles up."
From Sword n' Board to Greatsword
and watch the bodies pile up.
Or I can go upside your head with a hand and a half.
You know where you findin' me....


Don't try to act like you don't know who we be neither.
Twen Twenaria, Two Thousand Three...
With the Champion's Bardic that should never be...
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