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A Night at Fort Bramble

Written by: Steven Matuelwicz, copied for Ivory by Iawen Penn
Date: 04/12/2017
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A Night at Fort Bramble

King Pyr, like everyone at Fort Bramble, takes his sentry duty when the shift calls for it. No pomp, no special treatment. Which is fine by him: it reminds him of when he came to the Realms. It's a good life. Simple. He smiles a lot as he goes about the chores of fixing the Fort, Winterizing it and getting it prepared for the battles he knows will eventually head this way.

But whenever he is not on a shift at night, he watches the stars. Waiting. He doesn't talk about it with anyone. He's not even sure anyone remembers. It's like they forget as soon as her people come and go. It's not like they haven't been in the Realms as long as he, if not longer. It's not like he hadn't trained her, didn't watch her grow up, not like her people didn't build the High Way. Perhaps it's a part of their magic. The magic of the Old Fae.

One night, the last New moon of the Year, he nods and smiles to himself and orders the guards to let him outside the gates an hour before sunrise. Alone. There is some protesting, however he tells them if he is not back in two hours to send a guard North and tells them where. He won't be longer than that. They let him go.

The weather is turbulent. Rain and warm air has mixed with a cold ground to gather a fog with a now clear sky. He walks about a mile North to a clear field he had spied some two months back, made a small marker of colored(END PAGE 1)
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