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BrightHammer -The Wedding Song

Performed by: Jeyde Icebreaker Thunderwalker
Place/Gathering : Tuath Fusach, City of Victory
Date: November 13, 2004 (Feast of Victory 2)
Original by/Sung to: Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Fiddler on the Roof)
BrightHammer, BrightHammer
When I met you,
There were no sparks.
Sad, but it's true.
BrightHammer, BrightHammer
Half-dwavern son
Sporting the Barony Blue

BrightHammer, BrightHammer,
Now look around
Today's the day
No hiding now!
Brought here together by Life and two rings,
A wedding for you and me.

From Elwick: He hopes that we're happy
From Faelinn: Glad that damn 'A' is gone!
From me, well, I thought I I'd tell you
how much that I love you in this here song!

BrightHammer, BrightHammer,
I am so glad
Trials are done.
Impressed grand-dad,
Night after night day in the dark I did pray
'Please spirits, do grant us this day!'

spoken Of course, there are other things that need to be addressed... like our faults...

Hammer! BrightHammer!
Do ye know what you've got here?
I'm gorgeous, I'm witty!
Alright, I've got wild hair.
But I've a good heart, some good smarts, true? True!
I promise you'll be happy, and even if you're not,
I'll use my seventh circle... you know that's hot.

Beloved! My chosen!
Oh I am a lucky bride
You're handsome, you're tall
(at least from side to side)
But you're a nice man, a good man, right? Right!
You know I'm sort of proper; we break beds every night!
But only when we're sober... so we're alright!

Did I think I'd get a prince? Well, I do the best I can...
With the serpents, Fort Bramble, my family all lost: I'm glad I've got a man.

...BrightHammer, BrightHammer, you know that I'm
only joking. Please... don't you cry.
Up 'til this moment, I've only just dreamed
Two partners! That's you and me.
Beloved: I'll always be gentle!
Remember; I am also your bride.
To me you are sen-ti-mental;
I'll serve faith'ly by your side.

BrightHammer, BrightHammer,
let's go make plans, get through this night, maybe we've learned...
Something worthwhile has got to be earned.

Sooooo, I'll be-a good wife,
learn, work and pray
You're in my heart,
every day!
Now let us wed
and run away!
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