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Angus the Thief

Written by: Sir Vawn Coupant of Eagle's Rook
Date: Unknown
Angus the Thief

Listen well, o heroes bold, and I'll tell you a tale of sorrow
Of a man named Angus MacIntyre, and his trip to Dark Falls Hollow
Now Angus was a stealthy sort, he liked to sneak around
And things just seemed to disappear when Angus was in town
His lust for coin was well known, for gold he had a need
And in the end, the tragic end, he met his match for Greed
See Angus heard a tale about a great wyrm's lair near-by
And though his friends did plead with him, that glint was in his eye
So he packed up Martha, his faithful mule, and set out one morning fair
Through darkened woods and rolling hills, to the ancient serpent's lair
From here on out, this tale's a guess, for though he had a knack
We never saw Angus again, although Martha made it back
Now it's possible he just fell ill, or met up with a bear,
But me, I think our friend found out, that Dragons just don't share!
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