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Yule in Argyll

Written by: Bouquet Folethor D'Amandes
Date: December 24th, 1006
Twas three days after Solstice, and all through the town,
much singing came forth from bird and from hound
All that are living are glad to be here
and spend their times wishing the Realms some good cheer

My lady lays back in her chair for a while
on an upholstered throne; the Queen of Argyll
Took mistletoe and holly and even ivy too
and gently ordered it hung in all rooms

She laughs gaily in the kitchens and yet
She firmly disallows giving sweets to pets
She offers all poor animals a brief taste
Of warmth and good food in her stable place

My lady goes now to every home in the land
And sees to it that no one be needing a hand
And if they do, to work I do go
Not that I mind for I love Argyll so.

She gave out her presents, she helped hang some wreaths
The finest fae meades; to hard workers she bequeathed
She watched a dress fitting, and heard a child's wish
And spent some time petting Duke Syruss' flying fish.

And now she lies tired, yet happy as can be
lying content by the fireside, she asks me to read
So I shall, o my lady, and anything else you need?
But with a smile already my lady is asleep.

To the balcony I go in my own little room
I think of Yule briefly to keep away gloom
When I blow out a candle, I wish in this place
That one day, very soon, I'll know my own face.

I crawl onto my cot with blankets of fleece
To dream of a Fae where we only know peace
Closer It comes to judge what be right...
...so Happy Yule to you all. May it be a good night.
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