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The Beginning of Light

Written by: Rorin Akanar
Date: June 24, 1008
My name is Rorin Akanar, I've written this story simply as a form of entertainment, the true lore behind these events does not directly agree with this piece of work.
I've scribed the story in common as well as in Latin, mostly as a way to practice my translation skills... I thought I might share it here. I'll begin with the English, and follow with the Latin.

Once upon a time the world was not bright. Gaia, the only goddess, was the goddess of the earth and of nature.
Gaia was kind, and for a long time she was alone.
Finally, men and animals lived on the earth but soon there were too many living there. Then Gaia found the Grey Man. He said, "My name is the grey man."
Gaia said, "carry people into the underworld when they die." He said that the job would be done.
Many wished for there to be light. And so Gaia created Aurora so she would carry the light in the sky. Gaia said to Aurora, "you will carry our light, and things will be bright." She said that the job would be done. This light was called the sun, and was a symbol of Aurora.
Soon, Aurora was so tired that she dropped the sun. And so Gaia created Luna so the light would remain in the sky. Gaia said to her, "tell me that you will carry this light when it is dark." She said that the job would be done.
However, the sun was brighter than the moon, and under the moon, man was not happy.
Because man was not happy, Gaia was not happy. Because man was not happy, Luna was fearing lest she be harmed by man.
Gaia asked the crying goddess why she was fretful. "Do not fear them. You will not be harmed by them. Let us go."
Nevertheless, Luna having been left alone, ran away with the hopes of escaping.
However she was found by Gaia within 14 days.
Gaia settled the fears of Luna, and the goddess was happy again.
Now Luna and Aurora both carry light, and man is happy.
Aurora carries a light at dawn. Luna, who is happy, carries a light at night.
Also for one night out of fourteen, Luna does not carry light. This is because of the nights during which she had run away.
That is why there is light today.

Olim terra non clara erat. Gaia sola dea erat deae terrae naturaeque.
Gaia benigna erat, et diu sola erat.
Denique, viri et animalia habitant feliciter in terra sed mox erant multi incolae. Tum Gaia invenit Canus Virum. Dixit, "mihi nomen est Canus Vir."
Gaia dixit, "porta homines in inferibus quando sunt mortui." Dixit laborem facturam esse.
Multi cupiebant lucem habere. Itaque Gaia creavit Auroram ut lucem faciat. Gaia Aurorae dixit, "portabis nostras luces, solem dicitur et sol erit clarus. Dixit laborem facturum esse. Haec lux erat signum Aurorae.
Mox Aurora erat tanta defessa ut solem omittat. Itaque Gaia Lunam creavit ut lux in caelo manserit. Gaia ei dixit, "dic mihi hanc lucem portare quando non clarus est." Dixit laborem facturam esse. Haec lux lunam vocat.
Autem sol est clarior quam luna, et sub luna vir non laetus erat.
Quod viri non laeti erant, Gaia non laeta erat. Quod viri non laeti erant, Luna timebat ne viri ei nocerent.
Gaia rogavit cur dea timens viros esset stomachosa, "noli eos timere. Non noceberis ab his. Eamus.” Tamen, Luna, relinqua sola, cum spe fugiendo aufugerunt.
Autem, quattuor diebus ab Gaia invena est.
Gaia metum Lunae sedavit, deaque iterum laete erat.
Nunc Luna Auroraque luces portant et vir est laetus.
Gaia luces prima luce portat. Luna, cuius feliciter est, luces noctu portat.
Etiam, unam noctem de quattuordecim, Luna lucem non portat. Hic est quod erant noctes cum fugerat.
Illud est cur sit lux hodie.

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