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Knickers of Corduroy

Performed by: Iawen Penn for Sybil of Rhiassa
Place/Gathering : Uncle Cecil's Crazy Tavern V
Date: December 17th, 1011 M.R.
Original by/Sung to: Traditional; arranged by Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill & Dónal Lunny
I'm a decent, married woman, my name is Mrs. Magee
I'm a native of this County Down convenient to Donaghadee
I had a faithful husband, oh whom I liked so fine
But now he's gone and left me, and I'm nearly out of my mind

He wears a pair of laceless shoes, knickers of corduroy
He's a swallowtail coat and waistcoat, he's only got one eye
His hair and whiskers both are black, he wears a castor hat
And can anyone kindly tell me, have they seen my darling Pat?

Oh the morning that we parted the tears rolled in his eye
Saying, "Biddy dear, I'm going away my fortune for to try
They say the harvest is pretty good in Scotland this year
So Biddy dear, I'll send you the price of a pint, don't you be feared."


"Oh if I can find a postbox as soon as I arrive
You may expect a letter as sure as I'm alive."
But my Pat's away three months today and he's left me in a stew
Since I lost my darling husband, oh what am I to do?

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