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Five Pages for Liselle

Performed by: Sir Iawen Penn, KoEF
Place/Gathering : Queen of Hearts
Date: August 2009
Original by/Sung to: Janna Oakfellow-Pushee/No song, just prose
My dryad fair, your eyes are like the does that graze across Chimeron's fields.
Your scent is lovely, of shade and health abundant I find in your presence.
Let us go down to the fields, the fields overgrown with wildflowers and devoid
of human touches. There, let us love like elves, love like nature, love like animals.
And then I will hold you in my arms and we shall sleep together in our house, the
very forest being our beams of maple and cedar and fir and pine. Verily, you are
mine! You are my lily of the valley, my fairest of ten thousand, my reason for
adventuring time and time again. I return home with a trophy, a treasure, a trinket,
but my real treasure is seeing your smile when I cross your threshold.

The Meliae, with their fateful voices that portends a ranger's doom are naught
more than the buzzing of wasps compared to your gentle laughter. They twitter
and shriek over the unknown, but with you by my side I fear no seer; no fate can
tie me to anything other than your own vines. With drops of blood spilled on the
islands, there is no one to jump to their defense. Upon islands, moors, or anywhere
in these Realms, I defend you, my Liselle! When with anger I approach you, mauled
by some scalawag or frightful beast, your shimmering touch of magic makes me whole
once more. And there is naught to say; the unspoken thank you resides in our hearts
as I venture forth into battle once more. I love you my Liselle. And I know you say,
'I love you' just as silent and yet as loud and deafening to our souls, unfettered by the
chaos about us. Queens may come and queens may go, but you are and have always
been my majesty, my strings on a lyre to compose the notes of love, my heart's breath.

Through spirit and steel we have always been defeated, and yet, Love, even if we
weren't, it doesn't change the fact that we make an awesome pairing, One to be
reckoned with. We know each others' moves, we glide together as one sleek jaguar,
one fit bird, one slick machination. And on the tip of The spear I asked you if you
were taken, and thankfully the answer is no! I made my choice right there and then.
"Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, Thou art fair; thou hast doves' eyes. Behold,
thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant: also our bed is green." A poet in a great
palace wrote that for his King and his lover, and believe me he had many! And yet
only for this one did he have eyes. Liselle, you are for my eyes, my eyes only feast
upon your Bark skin, your petal-soft hair, slender and willowy you make my heart
race like a mountain goat I am sure-footed and nimble across the crags as I ride to you!

You are the presence of true sugar, that manna from heavens, that dew of which
the plants so greedily drinks, and I, in my jealousy, wish to share you with no plant!
Beloved, your kisses are all the wine I need some day. Let her kiss me with the
kisses of her mouth: for her love is better than wine, I say! Your name is an ointment
poured forth on my soul, and every virgin ear cannot help but smile, for they love
to hear it, too. Tell me, you whom my soul loves, where you dine today, where
you're going to rest at noon: for why should I be that guy who can't love his girl
because she's on another team? If you know not where you're eating dinner, O
fairest among women, go your way forth to the tents of Grimloch, and wait for me
in my home in Thorne Valley. While I sit at the table, your scent is ever present
and sends my mind to the forests. A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me;
and I wish to lie all night betwixt your breasts.

And you use this to your advantage, you do, you sneaky little dollop of Nature!
I cannot, in good conscience, raise a blade, A bow, or even a spell against your
fragile form that belies your inner strength and yet you call down the storms and
the thunder And lightning during tournaments and blast me to bits where I stand!
Even in this, I do love you. And you know this and love ME For it. Me, of all
people. When your soul is gone and your body wracked by Death's final notes,
it was I who grabbed the Moon Soul Wand and lost respect and dignity when I
posed like a magical princess in order to bring you back to the land of the living.
And you came back to me, full of love, laughter, and light brighter than this fallen
angel has ever seen. O my Liselle...

Sing you shall, my Dryad, which is some kind of tree nymph sprite thingy that has a tree!
Oops, sorry, got carried away by glee. But that's just a token of what you do to me.
Your very persona brings me to smile, to play, to laugh without spite or malice or bitterness.
I am a fallen angel and an elf. I've been an elf since we've been courting, and we won
Queen of Hearts when you accepted me. I was your champion, you were my queen, and
you are a queen, Liselle! You are a queen, definitely. I fell from grace, and I've tried to
become human again as that is how I was born, but you wish me to stay an elf so that my
lifespan matches yours. Your wish is my command, Liselle. The longer I stay this way,
the more it becomes unlikely to 'cure' this affliction, but you're worth it. No, in fact there
is no value on you, for you are priceless and I would not trade nor sell you for anything
or anyone or any place, not even the Realms.

More, more, more! I cry, to the heavens above. That there may be more like Liselle in this
accursed land that I ride. More peace, more quiet, more nurturing of love and nature. "Nay,"
the gods reply back, "for there must be balance though it pains us to say! She is unique; there
is not a one like Silvermaple and there shall not be another! Love her well!" As as the gods
bade me do (though I never really cared for them), I have done. Despite everything, I have
done this. It is no chore, but a great honor! I will see the end through with you, my Dryad fair.
The words of wind and water and life flow from the pen to the paper and everyone is staring
and listening and wondering what the hell is going on, but I don't care. You complete me!

Liselle, this prose has gone on long enough, and there are many things we both need to do.
I'm blunt and rough around the edges and yet still after five years not enough elf has rubbed
off on me that I could compose all that I was thinking in a graceful way so I hired out this knight
and asked her to perform in a way that I may not have thought of. She's done her best (or else
I'll get her clobbered good or something) and that's what I paid for. What I'm trying to say is this:
I love you, I love you, I love you, and I'll beat the tar out of any man who says otherwise!
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