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To Fight Corruption

I wish I could say it was a dream - just a fleeting nightmare,
A figment bred from worried mind, not a threat to all Realms-kind
Upon return my world was dead – and so few seemed to care
The silence from water to stone, the circle broken – How? Not known.

No more the voices in the wind, no more singing in the hearth
Those pledged to protect the song lay dead from selfish boredom…
So too did the Awakened fail the task, when Sleepers felt the dearth –
And called by shadow and ghost were lost from the damned kingdom.

Oh Awakened how you have failed the Sleepers in your care.
Corrupted deep in every pate, dissolution seems much your fate.
Shadows! Bainen! Bedlam! You blame outside forces rather than dare
To take credit where it is due – you have no further to look then you.

You wish to fight corruption? Then you need to know the source –
It’s not some eldritch creature, some monster to rend tooth and nail
It’s not a titan, a shadow king, or bain legion’s force.
It is sloth, selfishness, and fear in myriad form – Listen! Do not fail!

Fight sloth with action, here and now, understand the sign -
Take up the Path of Virtue - in truth - not for personal gain
Meditate, debate, think and opine – Understand this simple line
Look at the whole, not just the parts – become corruption’s bane.

Learn to think of others first, how you affect the whole.
Fight corruption yes, but start first in your heart.
Keep in mind the fight here is really for every soul.
For each and every one of us needs to take a part.

When you must fight those that have fallen to corruption’s touch
Remember the Virtue of Compassion, and do not forsake it much
For those that fall may not have known that they were in a fight
Not with you but with their souls, and just need be put to right.
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Created by Carrie Dolph at 03-28-13 10:25 AM
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