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A Drinking Song!

Performed by: Iris Elenor Tranes IV
Place/Gathering : The Feast of House En'Virtue
Date: March 22, 2003
Original by/Sung to: written by Janna Flannery, sung by Iris
I heard a lot a-bout a land
a land of goods and graces
a land where taverns serve good beer
among the friendly faces
a land where one can rob and steal
in many different places
Of course I don't engage in that!
...Well, nothing that leaves any traces.

Chorus: Hey! Ho! Nobody home! Meat n' drink I have none yet I will still make merry!

There was a man I robbed one day
he claimed his name was AEston
If I had guts and a magic sword
I swear I could have faced 'im!
We gated to Hell, a very strange plane
devoid of dreams and wishes.
There were three heroes that could have helped
but they left, those sons of bitches!


I joined a team for Queen of Hearts
expecting food and payment
The tourneys run were full of blood
that spilt among the gay men (and by gay I mean HAPPY)
The general fae over-looked Folkstone
their shield wall had real class
but everyone cheered when Barrett neared,
saying, "Give it to 'em in the ASS!"


I could add another verse or two
but alas my time is done!
My warmth is swiftly fleeting
with the setting of the sun.
But if I may before I go
just offer this advice:
throw rowan or gold, I don't care which
my bardic is worth the price!

Chorus x 2
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