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My Realms

Performed by: Sir Owen Colteor McKrye
Place/Gathering : Champion's Bardic for Team Faelinn, Queen of Hearts
Date: 2005
Original by/Sung to: "My Band" by D12

My Realms


(So) Let me introduce, you to Fae-linn
She's our Queen and I am her Cham-pi-an
We're backed by heroes from a half dozen lands
Here to fight for her, her honor defend

Verse 1 - Owen/Champion

So I'm called right, time to fight
Walk up to the marshals, and I'm all like
'Sup Men, my name's Owen
I'm the Champion for Lady Faelinn

I fixed up my armor, got some new weapons too
What's this about I got a bardic to do?
I been around the block, my credentials extensive
I'll take charge, command the offensive

Bodies start drop'n, your defenses gonna cave
My talents are wasted, if I'm up on stage
So don't blame me if it sounds retarded
Just sit tight while I finish my bardic


(My realms -repeated 8x)

Verse 2 - Faelinn

Look at her, a fair lass, take'n on the Cult
From Snakes to Xermar,it's the same result
Saw her transform & and cast a raise or two
Na, it was intervention, not those other two

How often have you seen her do a ritual?
'cause call'n on her is ge'n habitual
But DI's not the answer, or so she expresses
Sharing of knowledge is what she professes

Though she behaves as an adolescent youth
Her experience is that of a seasoned sleuth
She seems forever sixteen, what's up?
Elf year conversions really mix me up.

(Chorus -Repeat¦)

Verse 3 - Erl King

You just wanna see us gack the Erl King
That we're gonna you know's a sure thing
Thrash his rottlings, with flaming torches
'Cause we're-in-the Northlands, and he in the Short Bus

(now) to take on Maggot, you'd best bring fire
Else you might get sick, and then expire
I figured out how to spell Dislekin's Doom
Just gotta lock Shawn in the briefing room

Learn'n to fight Wolds, is simple but
You just have to smash, a mace in their gut.
So our armor's intact, Gary Madden's get'n smacked
Champion or not, he's gonna get whacked


(My realms -repeated 8x)

Verse 4- Oberon/Wayland

So Oberon's in charge, what a crock
He brought the Furies, and left me to rot
I'm gonna let the Fae know that a king he's not
'n have Tybalt cut his head of without a second thought

Ready to scalp a misguided man
Every time, I hear, 'let's help Wayland'
For using his magic, comes with just one hitch
He becomes king and lands you in a ditch

Twisted by revenge, his heart is cold
His blades of cold iron can rend any Fae soul
So I'm gather'n my Dukes, gonna retake Fae
War is coming, They're gonna have to pay


I hope that you can see that this is where the climax should be
But this rap don't have one, so I'll cut to the refrain

Last Chorus:

So let me introduce you to Fae-linn (right there)
She's our Queen and I am here Cham-pi-an (still)
We're Backed by heroes from a half dozen lands (let me hear ya)
Here to fight for her, her honor defend.

(My realms -Repeated 9x)

Fade Out

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