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Written by: Sean Anderson (Zeek Folethor McKrye)
Date: January 1003 M.R.

I laugh and hope
Nothing falls down
In the land of the Kind
Victory comes dear bought
And departs with ease

I run through the cold wood
On senseless footing
The roots snap and snarl
In the fine earth
Where the wind is tossed

I catch my heart beating
A call for sad songs
The lesson of Winter
Never taught to the star
Happy claims of capering ravens

I worry at blankets
Hail falling frae my head
A shadow lights across
The featureless plain
The lonely king is proud

I clasp the smooth bark
When it's reached my side
And been mine friend
For a memory
Gladness is swift and sorry

I plant and kick
Now the rhythm is good
And weary at days end
Cool glass next bright fire
Damp grass is black

I open my word
The aid found near
Clever and sounding
Distance common yet useless
At the last not mine

I call up the old way
Rich green in the darkening
The smell of warm home
Caught all in the morning
Motts severed and floating

I plan for the next day
Chance turns to nothing
Wistful of yore
Not content with languid
We bundle onward

I sip frae the deep cup
Wished well and therefore
The circle means to be
A round in the snow
Smoke for a few

I stretch at my wounds
Taken without thought
Pushed to the safe edge
Never was broken
Yellow branded and bested

I leap to the fore
Where notice is not
Challenge to ring the tall bell
A prize worth double
Better taken together

I am sad at the end
That has not arrived
Both paths of woe
Make for a good story
Chosen young till later
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