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A Single Grain of Sand

Performed by: Tara Harkon
Place/Gathering : Black & White 2011
Date: Oct 22, 1011
Original by/Sung to: original piece
Darkness surrounds a small group of boats
Only a ring of lights to keep it afloat
Gone were any signs of safety and land
Everyone aboard carries weapons in hand
Together they sail out into the night
Their goal was to lay down a signal in light
The Moon watched them go, awaiting a sign
While many of the folk below prayed to the divine
The plan was to crash the great sphere
In the hopes that within it, a path would appear
The Moon crashed down for a second time that day
And the stars came down to lead the way
In the center they found the seed
And together they entered to do the deed
They brought with them the power of the Sun
But the Darkness was not about to be outdone
It sent out its strongest warriors to fight
But the invaders were armed with weapons of the Light
They destroyed the seed in that darkened land
And returned to their homes with a single grain of sand
Created by Tara Harkon (Hillary Fotino) at 02-11-12 10:54 PM
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