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A Silent Tear for Thee

Performed by: Nimbus (then Bouquet)
Place/Gathering : 2nd Annual View from Valehaven's Spring Festival
Date: April 2006
Original by/Sung to: Janna Flannery
A Silent Tear for Thee
  • For Corliss, so she may be sung to her own haven someday*

    Where be the flower dance of light
    of sunshine oh so gay
    Where be the hand of warmest eyes
    I did so meet that day
    And walked we did between the trees
    and bared a bit of fear
    And somehow in another time
    I shed a silent tear

    Both loud and green the lands we've seen
    troublemakers, you and I
    That didn't stop the order joined
    not good in sight behind
    We thought the gods were false and we
    thought they wern't with care
    But in the dungeon dark and bleak
    I shed a silent tear

    A dismal shroud and promise were what
    bound us to our fates
    And though someone had rescued me
    for you perhaps too late
    I saw you once again, Brunette
    I saw the Hand so clear
    And when confusion gripped my mind
    I shed a silent tear

    If I only I was stronger still
    and not a child then
    perhaps a diff'rence could be made
    but not this cycle... when?
    Have been told to just forget you
    not the playmate I hold dear
    But I swear to hold your memory...
    so I'll shed a silent tear.

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