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I was waiting to challenge Bright
For his challenge a magic missile fight
But he was busy playing nanny
For his daughter Dani
It just didn't seem right. - Sir Mestoph (KoEF Tournaments '13, 2/24/2013)

Another found one:

Iawen had a baby named Dani
who was cute from her head to her fanny
She's Antioch's daughter
Not cannon fodder
But looks like Bright, oh so uncanny

There once was a Knight named Kaz
Who really wasn't a spaz
P.J. was drinking,
which then got me thinking,
'Why does no one cast Pas?'. - Another from Sir Mestoph

There once was a Knight named Radstar
Whose name was known near and far!
A knight just like Blade
A knight just like Bright
A Knight who is well up to par. - by Isa Benji Ding
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