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Banecroft and Ironhand

Written by: Sir Baron Diamond, requested by Sir Tetch in public missives.
Date: Sent out December 20, 1005
Would Baron Diamond please relate the story of Iron Hand,
the threats made to the Barony, and how, ultimately, that threat ended?
Thank you,

As you will, Sir Tetch. I confess I am fond of this tale from the distant

According to my notes the incident occurred in the spring of 1095[Iawen notes: so 995 M.R., really] Like
many big things, it began as a small thing. One day, after fighter
practice, Gwen of Banecroft approached me with a disturbing report.
Apparently she had refused the attentions of one Count Carius, a noble in
service to Lord Ironhand. After Taithan's passage from the Realms the year
before, Lord Ironhand had drawn much of Taithan's swords to himself, and
could now regularly field 50. And that was in a time when all nations were
smaller than they are now, so it was proportionately ever more impressive.
By contrast, Banecroft was then of modest size, and could bring only five to
the field: Gwen, Kedric, Finn, Veros and myself.

Gwen reported that upon her refusal, Count Carius grew wroth. Moments later
he pressed into Gwen's hand a note. The note was a death threat to me:
"Baron Diamond will not live past the Tourneys of Creathorne!" Then Carius
snatched the note from her hands and tore it to pieces. Gwen collected the
pieces and brought them to me.

We attempted to follow the chain of command to deal with this disturbing
death threat. I sent Veros Wyvernsbane, then my second in command, to the
fighter practice frequented by Lord Ironhand and his followers. Veros was
instructed to act as Banecroft's emissary and to ask Lord Ironhand if he
supported this threat against us, and if he did not support it, would he
please reign in his errant follower?

Veros's report to me was chilling. According to Veros, he made our plea to
Lord Ironhand. In reply, Lord Ironhand said, "If the Baron and all his
people swear fealty to me and turn over all they possess, then I'll call off
my dogs! Otherwise, should you my followers see Veros again, kill him!"
Suddenly we found ourselves planning for the fight for our existence at ten
to one odds!

Things were different back then than now. Nowadays given the messengers we
have, we would have been able to plead our case and find some support or at
least make our plight known to any sympathetic ear. But we enjoyed neither
the messengers not contacts we do now, and we feared ignominious
destruction. As we drew our plans, we knew well that our fate would be
decided in the first three minutes of the event known as Tournies of Chiron.

We did what we could to prepare. We scrounged for every scrap of armor we
could. We were all present, and each had their assignment: to hit site,
separate and quickly make our case known to many of those we hoped would
find our cause just. But before we could even reach the center of the
tourney location, we were addressed by - stopped by- Lord Ironhand himself,
surrounded by followers. The moment of truth was at hand, and he wanted to
talk to me.

At this point I had to make a difficult choice: our plan and best hope
depended on others knowing the truth of what had befallen us, and I well
remembered the result of Veros's parley. On the other hand, Ironhand's men
blocked our way, and to attack first would undermine other's perceptions of
our cause. Warily, with our men looking on, Lord Ironhand and I talked

Happily, Lord Ironhand wanted to make peace. No one can know his
motivation: did he have a change of heart? I like to think that he saw the
determination in my follower's eyes and that is what caused his reversal of
policy, but no one can say. His reply to Veros's overture was explained
away as mere personal friction with Veros, not actually Lord Ironhand's
national policy. However, I can say that shortly later I learned we were
not the first small nation Ironhand had threatened. In later days of
relaxed tension Lord Ironhand boasted that his threats had successfully
intimidated several small nations into swearing their fealty to him
(including Thorn Valley, who later became our close friends and allies). On
the other hand, we were apparently the last nation he was able to try that
tactic on. Despite terrible odds, we were not going to give in, and he had
seen that.

It was very shortly after that his nation separated. He had dreamed of
uniting the Realms by any means, but once that was beyond his grasp he was
easy to get along with and the peace between us was without tension. Only a
few months later that same fall, Veros and I both trusted him enough to join
the questing party Ironhand led as part of the larger effort to recover some
armor (the final item needed to defeat Zermarks) from a dangerous alternate
plane of undeath. We were in his men's power that day, but had no cause to
fear our trust was misplaced, for peace had well and truly returned to the
land, at least for a while.

Baron Diamond Banecroft
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