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Tale of the Dragon & Lion

The Story of the Dragon and the Lion

As told to adventurers by Sir Iawen Penn, who was a 'puppet' for Tim the Enchanter at the time.

In ancient times, there lived a great king, Tiberius Imbrosius Magnus who ruled over an even greater kingdom. But as he grew old, he reflected on having no heir. What will become of this kingdom of which I have given so much to build?, he thought. So, he gathered all the creatures of his kingdom, and announced his plan to seek an heir. On the first day of seeking, the fiercest warriors gathered with the mighty Lion, proving himself strongest of the beasts. Think not of a normal animal, but a beast of great size and immense power.

On the second day, creatures of arcane power battled, with the mighty Dragon easily ruling the day. On the third day, the king was faced with a decision: pure might, or might and magic. The creatures of the land began to form camps, each finding purpose with the creature they most wished to be like(Dragon or Lion). The king was pressed for an answer, and though very old he was still strong and wise. He knew that choosing one over the other would bring his wonderful kingdom to civil war. The Lion was called forward and presented with an amulet bearing the king's seal. The crowds began to grow loud: either supportive or angry. Before it could escalate the Dragon was summoned and presented with a similar amulet. There was more noise and then the quieting sound of confusion.

The king did not choose a line of succession, pitting one group against the other. Instead he declared that each creature would be known as king, but the leadership of the kingdom would be determined through the merit on the field each cycle of the Angorian Disks, however long that might be. And so, the kingdom existed in peace with each side relishing the competition that made them both stronger. And then, of course, there was the magic that came with kingship.

The power of the Amulets passed between the two kings, with the magic flowing into the amulet of the ruling king. The Amulets, each stressing the powers they held dear (might or magic respectively) were, for the most part, always kept in balance with one another. It is said the king continues to walk through the many Realms, however, ensuring that the Dragon and the Lion gather at the time of alignment. But in all my years (and with my memories, that's a lot), I've never seen such a thing.
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