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A Tribute to Bright Oakfellow

Performed by: Bouquet Folethor
Place/Gathering : The Isles/Tavern Night October 2008
Date: Written October 2003
Original by/Sung to: Bouquet Folethor D'Amandes
Let it be known to all races here
Be they brown-skinned or black skin or white
A cautious mage of no consequence
stands in our crowd tonight.

Some call him shady, some call him a sap
Some ask him for far-sight
But everyone, most everyone
has here tell heard of Bright.

Now looking at this simple man
you'd nary give him a glance
a tunic soft of forest green
dark brown be the color of his pants.

But if you dismiss that oak of a fellow
allow me to shed you some light
He's a strong sturdy tree! A living shrubbery
of mystical magics: that's Bright.

A fighter with smarts will always find room
next to Bright in the middle of a field
A circle, some words, a growl can be heard
Enchantments are forced to yield.

Of secrets and true names he know lots
thought he might not be always forthright
It could just be that the knothead forgot
If so, then it's safe with Bright!

"Roots run deep," the mage began
I turned and asked him why
No answer came, and I fell dead!
The zombies passed him by... (jerk)

When "fog" doth blow right through our group
When voices possess the night
You hear a shout: "Protect the soul, bitch!"
You can readily assume that's Bright!... or Rel. It's hard to tell on a night quest.

In fortune telling no one does better than
the Bearded Mage of Nature, you see
He throws in the air one long black quill feather
"Brother Raven, on the wind speak to me." *caw!*

And so this bug might try all night
to talk of a tree that's such a delight
But truthfully, Oakfellow, you deserve this limelight.
So shake a branch and huzzah him once;
my brohenna, Magus Bright.
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