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Johnny Be Fair

Performed by: many bards
Place/Gathering : around campfires
Date: unknown, 1003
Original by/Sung to: heard at faires
Oh, Johnny be fair and Johnny be fine
And wants me for to wed (clap clap)
And I would marry Johnny,
but me father up and said, (clap clap)
"I'm sorry to tell you, daughter,
what your mother never knew
but Johnny is a son of mine,
and so is kin to you."

Oh [insert two-syllable name here, like Owen or Magnus or Valas or Laurante or whatever] be fair... repeat twice more.

Oh never you saw a sorry
or as sad a maid I was (clap clap)
All the boys in town are kin
and me father is the cause (clap clap)
Should this odd trend continue
I will die a single miss!
I think I'll go to Mother and
complain to her of this!

"Oh daughter dear, I've told you
to forgive and to forget.
Your father sowed his wild oats
it's true, but don't you fret!
Your father may be father to
all the boys but still
He's not the one who sired you...
So marry who you will!"
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