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Memory Shard

Performed by: an unknown Fae Bard
Place/Gathering : Feast of Chimeron XVII
Date: May 2nd, 1002 M.R.
Original by/Sung to: (An Innocent Man base lyrics - Billy Joel) New Tune and Filk Lyrics - Janna Oakfellow-Pushee
Some mortals stay far away from the lore
If there's a chance of it screwing them up
They hear a voice outside their windows
And hope that it just goes away
Some mortals live with the fear of their touch
And the anger of having to be fae
They will not listen to any tale
So nobody jinxes their fate
I know you're only defending yourself
I know you're thinking of somebody else
Someone who hurt you...

But I'm not above
Giving Her a quick shove
If in-deed you would promise to run
I'm not above doing anything
To restore my soul if I can...
Some mortals see through the eyes of the old
And refuse to get a look through the young
I'm only willing to hear Her cry
Because I am an innocent man
I am an innocent man
Oh yes I am

Some mortals say they will never believe
Another faerie tale spoken in the dark
Because they only remember too well
The fae-touched are cursed from before
Some mortals sleep at twilight every time
Placing iron tongs right over their bed
Some mortals find that it's easier to hate
Than to serve anymore
I know you don't want to hear what I say
I know you're gonna keep branding away
But I've been there and if I can survive
I can keep this alive
(So hopefully it won't happen again)
I've not above being cruel for a while
You're cruel to me? I really don't care.
Some faeries ran from an impossible night
Some mortals figure they can never win
And although this is a fight I can lose
The accused is an innocent man
He is an innocent man
Oh yes I am
An innocent man

You know you only hurt yourself out of spite
Do you just take a furious delight?

...That's your decision
But I'm not below
Anybody I know
If there's a chance of resurrecting a love
I'm not above going back to the start
To find out where the mishap began
Some people hope for a intervention
Some people just accept the past as it is
But I'm not willing to be chained in the mists
Because I am an innocent man
I am an innocent man
Oh yes I am
An innocent man...
Tags: Non-Player Character
Created by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 05-04-10 01:13 AM
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