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Give Me a Chance

Performed by: Jeyde
Place/Gathering : KoEF Tournements: Rekindled
Date: February 17, 2007
Original by/Sung to: written by Janna Flannery, sung by Jeyde
"Give me a chance," she said to the man
"And I do swear, I'll not ruin land.
Please let me sow and reap by hand.
Give me a chance," she said to the man.

A young dreaming girl with love in her heart
Named Elenore, so pretty and smart
with plain apple trees, she needed a start
and the lord of the land, he did yield.

First year did past and no crops were there
The lord he was mad, for money he cared
Now raiders were by, a breadth of a hair
Threat delivered, they came to his fields.

The lord he did swear a tithe every year
To keep bandits out, his workers from fear
The tithe it got bigger year after year
'til raiders did demand her field.

The lord he went up to the young maid that day
"Get out, foolish woman! Now go on your way
The raiders want this land," he went on to say
But she shocked him and said, "I won't yield."

"Give me a chance," she said to the man,
"And I do swear, I'll protect this land.
Please let me stay; I'll do what I can.
Give me a chance," she said to the man.

The lord ran off saying, "Do as ye will!"
The workers and he fled over the hill.
That very night, what he saw made him ill
Blazing fire from one of his fields.

The next day the lord did ride to the glade
The smoke it was high enough to give shade
His heart it did sink when he spied the maid
On her side in the remains of the field.

He lifted her up, to his home they rode
Untouched by the bandits, a peaceful green grove
He carried her off and cross the thresh-hold
"Foolish girl, why didn't ye yield?!"

But she 'sponded with only a smile
"Of threat'ning bandits, I've made a pile.
Just promise that you'll tend these seeds..."
And the lord leaned closed to hear these words breathed:

"Give them a chance," she said to the man.
"Though I am done, I've won you your land.
Plant these dear seeds; my heart's in your hand
Give them a chance," she said to the man.

He buried her heart upon yonder hill
to watch over seeds, his workers did till
and of apples, he had his fill
from the maiden's remains of the field.

Of raiders, the lord is plagued no more
No longer do bandits come to his door
But his heart ever wanders to fair Elenore
Her dreams and her love are his shield.

And all because... he gave her a chance, a place she could start
A place with a dream, to plant down her heart
And though she has moved on to another field,
He gave her a chance, and she ne'er did yield.
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