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Gwydion’s Lament

Performed by: Baron Diamond
Place/Gathering : North/South war, Barony court
Date: 1004
Original by/Sung to: Baron Diamond
(guitar chords)
Am Dm G C
Am Dm G E
Am Dm G C
Am Dm G E

Do you remember the name of the hero
Who gave his life for Ivory’s sake?
And do you remember the way that he lost it,
In a sacrifice that none of us would make?

For how do you know that the doing is right
If all that you’ll know o the deed is what’s sung?
Bards are all liars, can’t really trust ‘em
Even the one that’s singing this song

And do you remember the way he hated magic
Hated it so much he would cast it out
He’d send it away in a flash
Much like the memory of what he’d done


Partnered to a snake he called “Fluffy”,
Neither one of them was right in the head
But that doesn’t matter because without ‘em
All those in Ivory, they would be Dead.


He lived as a Sea Elf, in the Coasts of the White
Which none but the sages can find on a map,
Even though he fell defending the city of light.
Aurora protect him, he did what was right.


Bards always write up the heroes with drama
Not so much those who do what had to be done.
So remember the Callin, Carmen, and Baba
And also the name of Gwydion!

(guitar chords change for final chorus)
A D G E7
A D G E7

New Chorus (x2):
But you can know that the deed is right
Even if the song is never sung
If what you have done will hold back the night
Whether the war is lost or won
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