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    Faelinn Shadowmoon

    Captain Felix Hallenheim

    Templar Iacob



    Orado Morhen

  Former Members


    Amergin Valarion

      Song of Amergin




    Axe Calibur

    Banner of Sacrifice


    The Champions' Blade



    The Hilt of Earth

      Octavian's Report (3/1007)

      Found at one point in time

      Elemental Artifacts Patterns

    The Kiira Pendant

      How Iawen Came Across a Kiira

        In Which One Was Teleported

          In Which the Rat is Revealed

    Main Gauche of Saint Daniel

    The Mirror of Madness

      Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter


    Narwol's Death Shroud


    Ophelia's Crown


    Spell Cord


    Sylvan Steel

    Staff of Nex Nec Tamen


    Magic Boulder







      Assorted Set of Dreams










      Another dream


      Inventor Dream








    Fire & Earth

    Symbolism on Hand

    Tarot Comes to Life


    a Dream I feel I should share


      Another Dream





    An organizational note, 1023

    Wyvern College cave, 1023

    Sanctuary, 9/23/1023

    Cerulean Company, 9/16/1023

    Recurring - sacrifices 9/1023

    Necron, 10/6/1023

  Historical Accounts



        May 998





































































          Missives that resulted.


          Missives that resulted.





          Missives that resulted.




        Note to a BookKeeper (10/1004)







          Missives that resulted.




          Missives that resulted.


          Missives that resulted.




          Darkmoon's Response














          Missives that resulted.













          Missives that resulted.








          Missives that resulted.


          Missives that resulted.



















          Missives that resulted.


          Missives that resulted.

























          Stonewood Times



        Stonewood Times I














          Copy of Magnus' Journal Entry










          Telerie's Investigation












































































          Meet a Prophet





























          Breaking News!





































































    One Version of Heraldry

    Iawen's Collections

      Before I Wake

      The Joys of Youth

      You! You! Fight to the Death!

      N/S War '10, Diemos & Minerva

      Feast of Min (night-time)

      Fools of April (Hell)

      Convergences '11

      Feast of Min 21

      Black & White '13

      January 11th, 1010

      July 23rd, 1012


      Small Gods 1015

      Tavern Night (Mother)

    One Way Venomland got started.

    Quazar's View

      From Hell's Heart

      War on the empire

      Demon Chronicles I

    Tetch's Historical Accounts

      Feast of Chimeron I

      Grub's Feast

      Warding off Doom

      At What Price Greed

      Quest to Ravenloft

      The Crown Sacrifice

      Judgement Day at Doomguard

      Blackavar Spring Festival

      The Wayland War

      Realms Faire and Auction

      Wild Hunt 2

      The Goblin Rebellion

      Swamp Fling: It came from...

      Darkness Strikes

      Feast of Min 3

      The Chaos War

      Da Revenge

      The Enchanted Land

      The Champions' Law


      Tournaments of Chiron 2

      Darkwood 1:Trek to Kraggen Cor

      The Storm King

      Defenders of Duckwater

      Feast of the Scarlet Wench I

      The Realms Asunder

      Bardic Pot Luck Feast


      Blackavar Mid-Winter Feast

      Feast of Chimeron 2

        Highrider's Account of FoC 2

      Tournament of Fools

      Darkwood 2: Blood Ties

      Carnival of the Black Rose

      Blackavar Spring Fest

      The Two Day War

      The War of Souls

        Baron Diamond's Account

      Beyond the Bourne

      Orc/Goblin War

      Feast of Min 4

      Realms Faire and Auction

      Lost Gate 2: War of the Avatar

      Kugan's Gothic Nightmare

      The Dragon King

      Queen of Hearts I

      Titiana's Game

      Attack of the Northern...

      Feast of the Scarlet Wench 2

      First Annual Feast of Rhiassa

      Feast of Blackwood

      Tournament of Chiron

      3rd Annual Feaste de Chimeron

      Tourney of the Twilight

      Lost Gate 3

      Tourney at Creathorne II

      The North-South War

      Wife Quest 2: (High Magic II)

      Questing in Rhiassa (HM III)

      Devlyn McGill's Lowland Games

      Dark Vision I

      Queen of Hearts II

      KoEF 1: Feel the Burn

      Under a Full Moon

      Black and White Masquerade

      Marshlands Blood and Thunder

      Tournaments of Chiron

      2nd Annual Feast of Rhiassa

      Feast of Chimeron 4

      Misty Glenn Tournaments

      The Great Goblin Hunt

      Tournaments of Creathorne 96

      North South War II

      KoEF 2: Pyromania

      Lost Gate V / Death Bunnies 3

      Queen of Hearts III

      Forest Flight

      Into the Moongate

      Feast of Rhiassa III

      What Fools These Mortals Be

      FoChim VI, Lost Gate VII, VIII

      Once Upon a Time...

      2nd Annual View Banquet

      All Good Things...

      Just a Myth

    Valerie Hart's Accounts

      North/South War 1010

      A Single Grain of Sand

      What Lurks Beneath III

    Janus Kiltras Accounts

      KOEF Questing 09

      Feast of Chimeron XVII

      Uncle Cecil 09

    Rorin's Accounts

      Outside the Northern Wildes

      In The Gray Forest

      Finding Tetch in the Dreaming

      Meeting Some Taurses

      Visiting a Seeing Place

      Visiting Tetch Again

    Regarding Starpeople

      Other stars

      The Twelve Houses

      OOC Notes

    Tara's Reports

      What Lurks Beneath

      Tournaments of Artemis

    Monique's Accounts

      The Crypt of the Voice

    Demetria Highwater's Accounts

      G&G XIV: The Library of Fae

      Bois Attack on Chimeron Castle

        Fighting Back at the Darkness

      Saving An'kardisa

    Dame Altana Cecil's Will

    Sir Shean O'Quinnlin's Notes

    Jace's Journals and Notes

    Hellwar Chronicle: Year 1015

    Hellwar Chronicle: Year 1016

    Rosetta's account

    Divine Intervention 1

    Margaret�s Historical Accounts

      A Trip to Nathan�s Hollow

      Black and White 1021

      Uncle Cecil�s 1021

      Tournaments of Artemis IX

    Omri's Archive


        Omri's Account of BW '22


    Regional Magic




      Barony Frontier

      Beings, Orders, etc.

        Feast Of Leviathan

        Fystra (Abyss?)

        Rel's Mind


        Chosen & Shadow










        Former Regionals


        History and Tradition




          Shane Regional (Clarification)

      Dragon Regionals

      Eagle's Rook


      Green And Gold


      Land just outside of Necron




      Nexus/End of Reality


      North South War

      Nymphus Yarrow

      Old Fae Regionals

      Random Areas

        Hardenbrook Manor - 3rd visit

        Nameless Regionals




      Unknown Lands

        A temple to Tymora

        Dreaming: Creativity

        Caves near Charlesford

        Blank Isle in the Eastern Sea

        Outside Time

      KoEF Tournaments '10



      "Miss Direction"

      Common Regionals

        Alternate Regionals

      "Holy Reaver"



        Northern Paradise

        Savory Delights, Paradise

        Paradise, August 1004

      Rock & Roll


      Kelguardia - Windfall

      L'Havre de Foret


    How To Make an Ice Gate



      OOC Notes

      Original Letter


    A Practical Guide to Forging

    Monthly Magics

    Reality Magic


        Silver Oak

        Holy Staff

        Red Dragon

        Well of Reality Magic



      From the Seer to Zeek...


      The ABC's of Death (12/1002)

      The Burning (1002)

      From the Kingdom Lost...

      Bainen Hunting - 1002

      Chimeron's New Leader

      The Passing of The McKrye

      Thon & Artex (1002)


      One of the Last Sea Elf Acts

      The Vortex Draw Near

      Escape from the Ice Prison

      A letter...

      Iris & Princess Natasha

      A Meeting with a Deathling


      Neden vs. Folkestone (1004)

      God of Pain is Mocked

      Spring 1004


      Oh my god no way LOL!

      A Legend has Died



      The End of the Third War


        A Written Plea from Twenaria



      Stranger Things Have Posted

      From Octavian

      Garden Tools of the New Year




      Be More Descriptive

      Questions on Bedlam

      Letter Lessons from Timmins

      Calypso & Threats

      Coded Messages

      Rune's Demon War Question

      Don't Do It

      Soul Prisons

      Red Arrow Missives

      Wish to End Gruagach

      Imprisonment Over the List

      Altana's Build Site

      Amergin's Story of the Mtn.

      Gryfinn Darkwillow's Thread






      Posted in Taverns



      University of Highbridge Feb



      Syra of The Grey Company

        Elwick's Thanks

      Airavarri has returned


      April, May, and Shards

      The Bedlam List





      Wyrd's Pact

      Poetry over Lists

    From Pyr to Zeek...(Statues)


      Wendell's Request





          Alpacasaurus' responce





  Orders and Organizations

    Black Star Guild

      DocumentSa-Lin's Diary

      Black Star Mages Guild

      Tara Harkon's Report

      Letters from the BSG

        Letter 1

        Letter 2

        Letter 3

        Letter 4

        Letter 5

        Letter 6

        Letter 7

        Letter 8

        Letter 9

        Letter 10

        Letter 11

        Letter 12

        Letter 13

        Letter 14

        Letter 15

        Letter 16

      Packet of Letters

      Notes from a BSG meeting

      Transaction Letter

        Follow up letter and map

      Letter to Jessika

      Achorian Map

      Cleaver Letter

      Activities of a Circle Member

      Guild dealings w/Rainbow plane

      Missive on Wayland weapons

    Brotherhood of Azzren

      An Invitation

    House Phoenix

    Khae Ossrim

      Chimeron/Khae Ossrim Alliance

        Breaking of the Alliance

      Seeri Lhach

      Grandfather Late

      Aikanaro & Little Known Others

      Cuar en'Kamen

      The Leader, Emrys

      Laika en'Naur

      Mother Runya

      The Goverment of Khae Ossrim

      Broter Thunderhelm

      Liana, the Other Healer

      Ai'Loki, Oracle Extrodinaire

      Guruthos, Scribe and Herald

    Knighthoods / Knightly Orders

      Knights of the Crown

      Magi of the Realms

        About the Magi

      Knights of the Eternal Flame

      Knights of Blackwood

      Knights of the Sable Dragon

      The Round Table

        Knightly Codex of the Realms

        Appendices to the Codex, 1011

          Round Table Members


          Heraldic Conventions

      Knights of the Steward

      Knights of Eagle's Rook

      Knights of Chaos

        Knights Of Chaos (Updated)

      Knights of the Realms

        Detailed History of the KoR

      Knights of Rhiassa

    Order of the Red

      Bonds of the Order

      Bonds have been Broken

    The Adventurer's Guild

      AG Quarterly

      STX AG Quest

    The Dancers' Guild

    The Eclipse

    The Guild of the Beast

    The Wellmen

      Guardians of Civilization

    The Houses of Stars

      House of Aries

        Notable Aries

      House of Taurus

        Notable Taurus

      House of Virgo

        Noteable Virgo

      House of Gemini

        Castor and Pollux

        Gemini Star Charts

        Notable Gemini

        Story Aspect:Neo-Hellenic Ties

      Star Charts

      Ruined Notes

      House of Cancer

        Notable Cancer

      House of Aquarius

        Notable Aquarius

      House of Pisces

        Notable Pisces

      House of Leo

        Noteable Leo

      House of Libra

        Notable Libra

      House of Scorpio

        Notable Scorpio

      House of Sagittarius

        Notable Sagittarius

      House of Capricorn

        Notable Capricorn

    The Healers Guild

      Member List

    The University of Highbridge

      Campus Directory 1016

      Highbridge IV Regional Magic

      Introduction to the Public


          University Document

      Low Tea Recipe Book by Tria

      Previous Classes

      Random Missives

    Order of the Spoon

    Order of the Peacock


    Tom Rime

      A Theory and some Letters

      Harlest's Plea (1/22/1006)

      Connection to Mab


    The Jackal


    The Elves Taelorin and Sahnd

    Sun & Shadow

      Unto Sun

      Sun & Shadow Trials

        Unto Shadow


      Missives about Poetry


      Libraries of Dreaming

    Malyne Doona

      Malyne's Spells

      Notes For Something

  Realms Timeline

    1015 to 1017

    1010 to 1014

    1005 to 1009

    1000 to 1004

    995 to 999

    990 to 994

      Herald's Cry

    985 to 989

      The Social Structure

      June '89 Royal Decree

      June '89 Glendale Registration

    Before 985 - A Rough Timeline

  Regional Lore


      Lord Sir Deimos Kal'Amar

        By: Sir Iawen Penn


      Missive from Talia

        Allow me to Correct Talia

          One other minor bit

      Notes on Nightstar Ritual

        Verbose Parts of Ritual


        Tymora & Miracle Max

        The Meaning of Achoria

    The Borderlands

      Info on Structure

      Krythron's To Trial

      Structure 02/1008

      Recipe for Hippocras


      Metron's Notes

        Page 2

          Page 3


      Qua Taereth Nunna

        How McKrye Was Lost

      Azure Guard

      Pax Tharkus

      Rua Thar Cinn


        Member List


        Darkvale Missives

      In Service to the Crown

      Previous Sub-nations

        Twilight Guard



            Nero's Will

            Current Regionals

            The Black & White Speech -1007


    The City of Ivory



      Vows of the City

      The Kingdom of Armont

        A Vision

        An Intriguing Invitation

        Advocate Letter

        Expedition of d'Farrow Caves

        Five Answers

        Journal of Sur'leas Greyswithe

        Possible 'Towns' of Armont

        The Shadows of a Kingdom

          Who was Who (Shadow Ball 1)

            Calder Houle

              Missing Pages

        Wards of Coins

    Eagle's Rook

      The Code


      Eagle's Rook (Old) Inventory



        Representatives of Avendroth

        Treaty of Eagle's Rook 1017

      Conflict with Wraiths

        Missives and Meeting Minutes

          Eagle's Rook Wraiths Basics

          Speech by November Glen

          Fern Letter to Realms 10-23-22

          Letter from Witch of Gimlet

          Tara Letter to Realms 12-2-22

          Fern Letter to Realms 1-10-23

          Leviathan 1023 Meeting Minutes

        Mission Reports

          December '22 Gaian Temple

        Research & Information

          The Threats

          Factions Involved

          Rumors and News

          Divination at FotL 1023


      Dame Gil's Journal

      Knights of Fairhaven

      Duchy of Fairhaven

    Free Kingdoms

      Knights of the Free Kingdoms

        As of 1007...


        Guilliam's Version of Grimloch

        Vampires in Grimloch



        Kye & Lako

        Feast Menu 1003

        Feast Menu 1006


      Guardians of the Free Kingdoms

        As of 1007...

        As of August 1008...

      Free Kingdom's Non-Treaty

      End of the Free Kingdoms

      Stance on Laws


      Illinarian Atlas: 3rd Edition

      Map of Illinar

      The Fall of Banecroft

      The Liberation of Banecroft

      Illinarian Storybook

      Project Phoenix

      Missives 1007

        You are needed!

        Campaign to take Illinar

          Missives in response.

        For the Liberation of Illinar

          Respones to Slaader's Letter

            Addtional Responses

        The Paradisian Front (4/26/07)

        Paradisian Front: Aftermath

        Paradise: Thank yous

        Illinarian War Camp

        Baronial War Machine

        Tempest Magics

        Cain's Letter on Illinar

        Letter 06/05/1005 from Slaader

        3/27/1007 - IWC

          Missives in response.

          April's IWC

            Missives in response.

      Illinar Overview

      Missives 1002


      Letter to the Emperor

    Lost Kingdoms

      Missives and Reports

        On Precipice

        Early History & Correspondence

        Early Forest Runners Text

        Letters from Leviathan

          The Constable's List

        Fortune Tells


        Fighters Guide

        Updated Fighters Guide

      Areas of Interest


        Loch Torne

        Forest Runners

        Tana Torne


            Prayer of the Sword Maiden




        Arthur Fenwick

      Lost Kingdoms Map

      Tetch's Book of Questions

        Pages 11 - 21

    The Mountain of Power


      1004 - Mythguard, DDB-style


      List of Citizens

      Hall of Heroes

      The Tombstone

      The History of Rathkeale

      The Silver Chalice

    Teng Hua

      A Letter from the Ancient

      993 notes


        Enticing Yousei -1019

        random notes

      The Seven Elements

        Elemental Dissertation

      Random Notes

    Tuath Fasach

      Old Tuath Fasach

        Inventory for TF

        A Month of Chicken Reports

          Before That...

            Before That...2

              Before That...3

      "Around these parts..."


      2nd Gen Tuath Fusach

        Random Missive Recovery

        Metron's Notes

        April 1005




      The Dreaming

        A Primer

        Alaeth or Aleath

          Conall & Alaeth

        I Have No Brother

        Short Darkchildren Tale

        Thoughts from the Dreaming


      Mezu'Rhu Taigan

        Lillia's Journal

      Myth Drannor

      Negative and Positive Energy

        Ritual from Realms missive

      The Rainbow Plane

      Sheshawnii Lands

        Realms of Sheshawnii

          Realm of Fal

            Ceremonies within Fal

          Realm of Shesh

          Realm of Nanel

          Realm of Arda

          Realm of Felnarri

          Realm of Notti

        Royal Family

        Beliefs and Taboos



        Nosetti Notes

      World Horizon

      Astral (Ethereal)


      Nexus (or The Nexus)


      The Summerlands




      Primal Chaos, Primal Law


        Asgard: An Epilogue

        New Gods




    Wayfarer's Rest


      Join the Valehaven Army

      Historical Guilds

      Knights of Valehaven by BS

      The Laws of Valehaven

      Allies & Members

      Caste System



      The Front

      Words from Wyrdwood


      Lost Chronicles (Letter)

    Verai/New Verai

      Mission Report: Orion

      Nertail's Invite



      Folkestone Forum

        August 993 Decion


      Korik of the Curious Quest

    Southern Wastes

      Chronicles: Free Port


      Welcome to Stonewood Pamphlet

      Active Members


      Origin Story

      The Guardians














        Shimmering Avatar

      Rules and Laws



        Dream of a Mysterious Traveler

        Mind Festival Dream - Omri

    Voraniss Lore

      Circle of Crows

        Letters from Crow Druids Past

    The Space in Between

      Treatise on Their Nature


        Pre March/April




        Dreaming 05/31/1023

        Dreaming 06/25/1023

          Interpretation of 6/25 Dream

        Dreaming 07/28/1023

      Access Points


      The Siege of Necron

  Religious Lore

    God List


      Antioch's Symbol



      Teachings of Arius

        The Parable of Valeria

      Arius' Symbol

      The Story of Ella

      The Ascension of Arius


      Journal of Kethrellen the Red


        The Templar Code

      Requiem for Kethrellan

      Swords of Light

        Sources of Light

      Tears of Aurora

      On Dogma: The Origins of Grace

      Letter from King Alcar (Heir)

      Cain's spellbooks

        1 Page

      Temple of the Sun

      Priorities of the Church


        Changes in the Church -1010

      Aurora's Symbol

      A Letter to Laika

      Margaret�s Auroran Verbals

      Champion of Aurora

      Quest for Hope

        Syruss�s Story


        History of Calladen

        How can a quest be hopeless?

        How to transfer the power?

        Seancing Calladin

        Is this Aurora�s will?

        Calladen's Death

        A Pull Draws us to Necron

      The Ascension of King James

    The Beast

      Beast Runes



      Chrono's Symbol

    The Dark One


      First Sermon

      Teachings of the Dark

      The Dark One's Symbol



      The War with the Champion

      Terra Maris

        On Terra Maris- 09-10-07

      Dionin's Symbol



      Gaia's Symbol


      Garm's Symbol


      The Seven Scriptures

        The Intervention of Legor

        The Appeal of Worden

        The Trial of Gothen

        The Sacrifice of Yanok

        The Burden of Taggart

        The Labor of Petra

        The Choice of Matram

      Avatar - The Red Knight

      Justari's Symbol

      Old Texts

        Justarian Prayer Book

        Chan's Cleansing Speech

        Tenates of the Holy Order

      Shining Steel



      Another Missive


      A Differing View

      Luna's Symbol


      Rawonam's Symbol

    The Five Ladies


        Letter from Nero, FoM 17

        Relationships to Her

        Found Notes


        Letter from Nero, FoM 17

        About Eris


        Her Tower Opens for Youth

        Letter from Nero, FoM 17

        Her Message about Bedlam


        Tyche's Symbol


        Letter from Nero, FoM 17

      In 1003...

        ...and other notes

      Church Movement 1007 M.R.

      About the Five Ladies

        Holy Seasons and Days

        Poetry from the Church

          Page 2

          Page 3

          Page 4

          Page 5

          Page 6

          Page 7

        The Stuff of Five Ladies



      Teachings of Vandor

      Vandorian Parable

      Vandor's Symbol

    Chaos Gods

    Drow Gods


        On the Chosen of Elistraee


        Lloth's Chosen

        Letter 1


        Quar's Pantheon

        Stories Recovered


    Elven Gods

      Creation of the Elves

      Corellion Larethian

      Rillifane Rallathil

      Deep Sashelas

      Aerdrie Faenya

      Erevan Ilesere

      Hanali Celanil

      Labelas Enoreth

      Solonor Thelandira

      Sehanine Moonbow


      Fenmarel Mestarine


    Lesser Gods


        About Celestine

        Fate of Celestine


      The Kal en Dral

        A Dissertation on the Kal

        About the Kal en Dral

        The Aspects of Ma

        Circle of Eight

        Circle of Four

        Cleansing Circle

        Interacting with Kal Spirits

        Jeyde's Former Trials

        Journey to the Mountain

          Responses to the Journey

        The Ritual of Restoration

        Which Point Are You?


        The Munuko

          The Justicars

        The Aspects of Ka

        Kal en Dral - 1012

          The Basics

          Other Elements

          Advanced Concepts

          The Northern Wilds


        On Cleansing

          Cleansing - Part 1

          Cleansing - Part 2

        Giri and Free Will

        Kal en Dral 1010

        Phoenix, on Azrael, 1011

        BrightHammer's Former Trials

        Random Missives

      Found Note on Min?

    Small Gods

      The Dealer

      The Pale Queen

      Autumn Rose




      The Gray Man

        The Gray Man's Symbol


      Herald of Blood


        Vesta's Symbol






    Notes on the Greater Gods


      Old Lore of the Pantheon

    Removed Gods

    Requiem Gods


      The Laughing Man

      The Blood Gods

      The Progenitor's Blade

  Stories and Songs

    A Drinking Song!

    A Dryad Fair

    A Silent Tear for Thee

    A Tribute to Bright Oakfellow

    Angus the Thief

    The Anti-Elf Anthem

    The Art of War

    Banecroft and Ironhand

    Before I Turn UnDead...

    The Beginning of Light


    Blank Eyes

    Blood and Beer

    BrightHammer -The Wedding Song

    The Creathorne Privy's

    Duncan's Ode

    The Effect of a Night Quest

    Five Pages for Liselle

    Give Me a Chance

    Gruagach! (Song)

    Gwydion�s Lament

    Hard Times

    The Healer

    Hysterical Recreation

    I Know An Old Lady...

    I love the Realms

    Ides of May

      Note to Faelinn Afterward

    I'm Just Me

      (Joke Verses)

    I'm With You

    In the Woods

    Johnny Be Fair

    Knickers of Corduroy

    Lead Me

    Let It Be

    Long Eventing

    Lucky Me

    Luna, Moon Be Praised


    The Message

    Memory Shard

    My Realms


    Re: Your Light

    Realms Comes Marching Home

    The Rescue

    Return of the Killer Brolla

    The Robin

    Shady Shady Zula

    Six More Taverns

    T�in B� C�alnge

      Pages 4 through 7

        Pages 8 through 11

    Tale of the Dragon & Lion

    Titled, but No Inheritance

    Tribute to Airavarri

    What You Want

    Who's on Right Flank?

    Yule in Argyll

    Da'oud & (in) Food

    A Single Grain of Sand

    Demetria Highwater's Songbook

      A Faerie Lullabye

      Luna's Prayer

      Violet Rose

      Be a Mage/Rua Thar Cinn Theme

      Dear Roger

      Slaying Tom

    A Hymn Against Bedlam

    To Fight Corruption


    A Curious Child's Book...

      Story the First

    Black and White Plans


    The Shortest Day

    "...Why the Wind Howls."



    As a note

    Sixteen Come Sunday

    The Maid That Sold Her Barley

    The Heart of Eternal Love

    Yule in Argyll

    Star of the County Down

    A Night at Fort Bramble

    Helmet on His Head

    Down in Glendale

    Brother and Sister

    August 993 Dedication

    990 Short Dictionary of Jargon

    Lady Dee's Best Tip

    December of Cambreadth


    The Ascension War



      War of Shadows: Aftermath

      War of Shadows: Missives


      Aspis Note


    Bainen/Kal kre Bain


      Heather's Last Missive

      Message from the Voices

      Personal Accounts

      The Ravener



      Of Bedlam and the Maimed Child

      The Bois

      Questions and Answers

      On the Nature of...

      Maudlin's Documents

        Cover Letter

        Known Active Hellgates (1005)

      Black Sickness

        a cure

      On the Infinite Dark ...

      Recovered Letters from Vault

        Document 1

        Document 2

        Document 3

        Document 4

        Document 5

        Document 6

        Document 7

        Document 8

        Document 9

        Document 10

        Document 11

        Document 12

      Sealing Sigil

      Anti-Bedlam Chant

      Ways to Fight Bedlam

        Quinn's Field Guide to Bois

          Destruction of the Fury-Bois

          Common & Uncommon Bois (12/23)

      Seer Magic about Bedlam

        Black and White 1012

      To Save Temorse

      On Mad Tom and the Titans

      To Cure Skinwalkers...

      Highbridge Class - HIS 105

      Allies Then

      The Original Message

      Sir Vawn's Notes

        Page 2

          Page 3

      More children's poems

      Other History

        The 13th Hour

    Blood Baroness

    The Cadre

    Colorless/Faded Ones

      A Missive Found

      Report from Harlest (1007)

        Brownie Schools


      Notes Found on Colorless

    Crimson Eye

    The Cult of the Serpent

      General Information


      From Assam

      Account from Elydia

      Scrap of Paper

      Selection of the Chosen

      Worshipers of Tyr

        Order of the Hammer

        Independents, Sworn to Tyr

      Lady Magdalena's Song

    Deep Caverns

      Baron Diamond's Map

    The Dogs of War

    Dragon Assassination Clan


      Encounter 1: Hidden Fortune

      Encounter 2: Yumenguan

        Song of Yumenguan

      Encounter 3: Hidden Fortune II

    The Dragon Wars

    The Drow

      On Lloth and Chaos

      Soul Spiders

      Jouet - Just a toy...

      Children of Pain and Murder

        Missive 9/20/1005

      Another Son of Lloth, Zurak

        Ripped Papers

      Public Missives 1003

      Ghal, Princess of Despair

      Vhaerun, Patron of Assassins

      Sclos - The Middle Child

      Language A - D

        Language E - H

        Language I - L

        Language M - P

        Language Q - T

        Language U - Z

        Common A - D

        Common E - H

        Common I - L

        Common M - P

        Common Q - T

        Common U - Z

        More Drow Language Notes

    The Drow Of Nieffelhiem

      A brief history

    The Erl King

      A Story of Nalfaerishii

      Last Look At Sothron

      Tetch's Dreams

        The one about Tana Torne

        The ones about Attrition 1-3

          The ones about Attrition 4-6

      Voraniss War Council Notes

        War Council 12 and Truce

      Lost Kingdom Dreams

        A dream of war

        A Dream of Kings

        A Dream of Rain

        Ruins of Ruination

        A Dream of a War Council

        A Dream of Everything

        A Dream of Kids Playing

      Lost Kingdom Rumors








      A (Old) Fae Court Who's Who

        Where they are now

      The First Dinner

      The Five Counselors

        Rel, Fire and Earth


          Little Known Things: Rel

          Dreams for Druids

          Laika & Janus & More

          The Torch's Story

          Brief Interlude: Tara & Rel

        Gwydion, Earth and Water

          Recent Contact with Gwydion

          Little Known Things: Gwydion

          Leah, Earth & Water

            Last Contact

            Dream 10/27/10

            Dream 7/12/11

            Kept in Stitches

          Dreams for Inventors

          Mage Shatters Inventor

          The Death of Gwydion

          Bay of Mnemosyne


        Nimbus, Water and Sky

          Little Known Things: Nimbus

          Dreams for Defenders

          Atticus & Nimbus...

            Straight Forward

          February 22nd, 1003 M.R.

        Masks, Sky and Space

          Masks' Story

          Little Known Things: Masks

            Tria's Wish of Luck

            Harlest's Prophecy in Words

              Getting After Tillion

            Clue Dreams

          Shane's Sent Dreams

          Magnus HeavyHammer

            Chapter 2

              Chapter 3

                Chapter 4

          11/09/09 - Silencio Speaks

          Talks in the Dreaming


          Magnus sees Masks

          The Late Gray

          Sky & Space Rubric

          For the World is Hollow Dream

          Phee's Aftermath from Midoru

          The Curse & the Dreamer

            The Curse & the Dreamer II

          Masks' Seeing Skerry

          Johan's Dream

        Rosetta, Space and Fire

          Rosetta and The Dreaming


            Dreams for Mages

          Rosetta's Story

          Valarie Hart's Take

          Protecting Rel's Grove

            PRG II

              PRG III

                PRG IV

          Little Known Things: Rosetta

          Short Story: Aven's 'Works'

          About Wands

          I.D. Creature


            A Strange Dream

            More Interesting Dreams


          O Brother - Meanwhile, Mysts

          September 20th, 1010

          Valas Baneshot

            Valas & Rosetta I

            Valas Baneshot's Journal

              Karen Baneshot

              A Dream About the Child

            Dream of Valas's Torture

              A Month Before

                The Next Day

              Outsider Dream

              Pre-cog 4/20/11

            Delirium Writing

          Ged Loremipsum

            Ged's Runes

            S�ancing the Mysts

            Ged and the Berrystalk

            The Portal Path

            The Purging

            Stained Glass

          A revelation and a curse

          Nov 14 1012

          An interview with Rosetta

        The Old and The New


          'Gifts', a bit-more in-depth

        Outsider Poetry

          Last One

            Some Rotes of the Outsider

        Tom Rime's Connection

          Letter to the Rhymer

          Gryf's Letter

          Missives about the Rhymer

        Random In General...

          An Entertaining Dream-Stuff

          Aven at Black & White 1009

          Dream 08/29/10

          Gifts, November 1010

          House Building


          Last Known Location of Kara

          Not Sleeping With You

          O Brother...

            More Brother...?

          Outsider Tales

            Request to Aisling

            January 23rd, 1011

            June 14th 1010

          Scattered Missives 1008

          Scattered Missives 1009

          Scattered Missives 1010

          Scattered Missives 1011

            More 1011

          Scattered Missives 1012

          Vision 09/29/10

            Missives on this Vision

          Who are the Counselors?

          October 25th, 1010 M.R.

          November 24th, 1012

          Coronation Letters

          A Part of Hunwald's Path

      The Gruagach

        Indana's Vision

          The Door in Achoria Keep

            Lines Beyond the Door

        Orado's Letter to the Realms

        Prep for Door Down the Hall

        November 6th, 1009

          More that Date


        The Extremely Short Version

        Sir Vawn's 1st Set of Notes

        The Blades of the Shadow

        Destroying Black Annis (Vawn)

          Page 2

          Page 3

          Page 4

          Page 5

          Page 6

          Page 7

        Ducheneux, the Rogue Twins

        Gaze (Vawn the Younger)

        Summer Solstice, 1006

        Phoenix and Fleuris Talk

        Story of the Shadow

        Winter Solstice, 1009

        Summer Solstice, 1009

        The Old Trees and the New

        A Recovered Note-Page


          May Letters

        Piercing the Ebon Veil

          Page 2


        Legends from the B&W

        Feast of Chimeron 13

      DocumentThe Many Woven Branches


        Argyll Aftermath

          Casualty Report

      Mysts of Forgetfulness

      Nero's Vision

      On Lein and Obligation

        more notes by Cimone

      OOC: Old Fae Stat Sheets

      Quest into the Z Blade


        4/16/1007 - 4/17/1007




      Tain Bo Cualnge

      Twilight Fae

        Old Notes

      The Assault On Wayland

      Wayland Blades

      Burnt Out Argyll

      2 Letters on UnderLeaf

      The Song (Nutstompers)

      The Great Library of Fae

        Black and White 1023

          Odd's Notes - Flower Memories

          Omri's Notes - Flower Memories

          Omri's Notes - Pollen Memories

    The Nameless One

      Metron's Notes on Ally & Foe


      Metron's Book


      Random Notes


      The Baron's Recollections

      The Legacy of the Magepriests

      Wraiths Defeated

      Monk's Keep Simple Poetry 1

      Diary found in Monk's Keep

        (the rest)

        (the rest pt 2)

      Recipies from Monk's Keep

      Monk's Keep Story Fragment 1

      On Lesser Extraplanar Entities

      Good Sir Letter from Torin 1

        Letter 2: Spear

        Letter 3: Shield

      A Garden Journal

        2nd Entry: Month of Canz

        3rd Entry: Sch'tam & Floram

        4th Entry: Last of the Front

      Nemesis Wraiths


      Battle of Griffindor Bridge

      The Umbra (old)

        Gates to the Umbra

      Minions & Monsters


        Spiral Dancers



        Umbral Blades



      The 13 Tribes

        A Story About the Zerendulu

        Smaller Tribes

        From Elder Thunderwalker

        Tribal Weddings, Old & New

      The Book of Winter

      Jumbled Rune Book

        The Book of Scales

      Notes from Rio Greenleaf

      Skein helps out

    Red Autumn

      History and Places

        About the World

        Hunkara and Core Event Chamber

      The Prophesy

        Thoughts on the Prophesy

      Of Deities

        Elemental Elves

      Of the Strangers

        Of their magic and history

        The Strangers

          The Pretenders



          Keela: The Daughter

      Gerhart & Iawen

      The Hidden Order

        The 'Spheres'

        In The Lap of the Gods I

          The Four Regionals











          Planned Missives

        From Herman, the Alchemist

          Deep Enchantment

          Heppin' Out Herman

          More Ruined Notes

        The Ritual to Get Attention

        Additional Notes

        The Writings of Wormwood

      Shared Temple Work

        Temple of Diedre

    ShadowBeasts / ShadowWright

      Shadowbeast Restoration Order

    The Waking Child

      Prayers of the Misguided

      Stauts Reports

      Letter from Ardama Farstrider


      The Black Zodiac

      More Info

      Letter 1

      Shaman of Gaia

      The Regional and Wild Casters

      The Seer and Fortune Teller


      Missive to Sir Callin

      Pathetic Realms Missives (Nov)

      Wrake's Noteable People

        Master Xenoth Lithros



      Iron Kingdom Missives

      'Ego-Maniac' Round of Missives

      Cards of Power


      Zermarx Is Dead (again)

      Sir Dark's Letter (06/07/07)

      Zemarx felt in Thorne Valley

      Malcolm's... Plea

      Notes from a Bard

    Time Snarls

      Log of Time Snarl Encounters

      Facts & Theories: Time Snarls


      The Family

      Dream 1-4-19

      The Dreamquake

      Dream 6-27-1017

    The Risen Kingdom

      3-Headed Beast & Others

      Bounties and Dream Tethers

      The Resistance

      Ritual Songbook

        The Ring

        Upward over the Mountain

        Swallowed in the Sea

        Winter Hymnal

        Two-Headed Boy

        Bard's Wicked Thought

        Here We Go!

        Travel Strings

        Hunched Over

        Flowers over Your Eyes

        (I Will Not Go) Underground

        New Turn of the Wheel

        Brea King


      The Iron Road

        After Action Report

          FoChimeron 24

      Questionable Answers

      Found Pages

      Gate Puzzles

      Delta of Possibilities

      Swoop Questions

      History of Magic Circles

      random notes

      Pre fall of Gi documents





        Journal Entries

    Many Levels of Hell

      The Temple of Nine

      Known Lords of Hell

        Hell: Known Personas


      Ragnar's letter


      Related Enemy Types

        Corrupted Human Drudge

        Entropic Sludge

        Entropic Dragon Avatar




        Shadow Manifestations

          Shadow Soldier

          Shadow Beast

  Unknown Works

    Achorian Scrawlings

    A Wish to Be

    Conversation twixt 2 people

    Dread Portents

    Entry #301

    Entry # 402

    If You Reveal The Following...

    Just a Myth... Lady Iawen

      Just a Myth Dream

      Just a Myth Gods

      Just a Myth Power(s)

      Just a Myth Guilds

    Magical Properties of Stones

      ...of Stones part 2

      ...of Stones part 3

        (stuck to the back of Page 3)

      ...of Stones part 4

    Malek's Letter

    Mental Maladies

      Page 2

      Page 3

    From Midoru's Trophy Room



      The Follies of Fools

      The March at Rest


    Papers to Kresil

    Rhiassan Witchcraft Ticket


    Scroll RD

      Another Scroll of RD

    Set of Scrolls

    Smoking Spells...?

      Page 3

    Terri's Treasures

    Unknown Poetry

    Unknown Spell?

    yf'inw - Key Terms and Phrases

    Entry #253

    Journal of Unknown Authoring

    Ah'Grah'Blahn Note

    Gaiden Shadowfyr's Prophecy

    An'kardisa Mutterings?

    Ritual of June

    Lantern Markers

    A Hollow World?

    Memories on Paper

    Artistic Warlord

    Odd Book in Dragon Horde

      Man in the Long Black Coat

      Countess Letter

      Hidden Order Ritual

    A Sage once said to me...

    Batch of Tests

    HotR, especially Folkestone

    Recovered at Bind The Tide

      Plea from Elder Lydia

      Encounter with a Satyr Camp

      Journal - Faerie Sea

      Hunted by the Shadow Mastiff

    Sacked for Ragnar

    Book of Something

    Idor Notes

  Races & Beastiary



      Dark Elves


      High Elves

      Wood Elves

      Fae Elves/Wyld Fae

      Sea Elves

      Moon/Dream Elves

    Fae Species




      Fae Trolls & Goblins

        Tree Beings

      Cnuic na Sidhe/Deep Fae



    Demonic Creatures

    Angelic Creatures

    Goblins, Trolls, & Kobolds

    Orcs & Orges



      Yo-Sei Spirits

      Rani & Kal en Dral


    Dream Demons

      On the Deals of Dream Demons

      On Naming Conventions

      Notable Dream Demons

        The Champion

        Soul Taker

        Death Dealer

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