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The Path of Heroes Past

These spells are the sum of past heroic deeds performed by previous Jarls and heroes of Val'Dara, and the shared values of now. It is a testament to their person that despite finding themselves in other lands, that their influence still lingers.
  • 1st: Val'Daran Endurance
    Whether through health or ability to hold their drinks, Val'Darans have incredibly tolerance levels. This spell grants the caster Immunity to Poison as per the spell. They may also call this for Disease, and are able to be used interchangeably. 5 uses per event.
  • 2nd: Tak's Strength
    The baron (and later duke) of Val'Dara was known for feats of strength, often displayed by carrying his fellow countrymen over his shoulder. Allows caster to move a boulder by themself, or a similarly heavy object (see a marshal before attempting). 3 uses per event
  • 3rd: Hard-Won Spoils
    After a fight, you party. Toast your allies with a drink, and celebrate their deeds of the day. Choose up to a total of 6 people, which may include yourself. You may spend 1 minute toasting 2 people and an additional 1 minute for each person after the first 2. At the conclusion of that time, you may repair all of the armor of those involved. Those involved in the toasting may not partake in combat until the toast has concluded.
  • 4th: Val'Dara Hospitality
    A staple of life in a wild land, hospitality is king. This spell creates a sanctuary. All weapons are considered peacebound, no harmful action is able to be taken, and few spells are allowed within. It does not prevent enemies from entering, however they are held to the same standards as the PCs. Players with this regional will be given a paper with the full list of caveats that are listed here. The MM will also post this information about the rules of the sanctuary around the area it is created. Speak to the MM to find out the specifications for what you can make a sanctuary for this event before casting. 1 use per event
  • 5th: Aldamar's Shield
    A stalwart protector and strong sense of justice stops few. Allows caster to use a shield up to 2'6" in diameter regardless of spell-restriction.
  • 6th: Yipp's Cry
    The tricksy but beloved fox of Val'Dara, this hero was a renowned and beloved healer. Cry of Life as per the spell, but also repairs all armor. May be used while dead. 1 use

  • 6th: Shane's Patience
    A bottle that is reminiscent of a hero that has since gone to the Grey Man�s domain. Each drink from this bottle replenishes a single use of a spell, 3th circle or lower, one at a time. You must drink from the bottle when you use it. The bottle can not be refilled, even with spells. Bottle is limited to 20 oz in size. We may supply the bottle.
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