1015 to 1017

1015 M.R.

Katsuie started this year, as did Rohk.

Feast of Leviathan XVII: Dame Gwen was made a Knight of Rhiassa. Dame Gwen was also inducted into the Knights of the Eternal Flame. Sir Wil Craven McKrye was asked to join the Knights of the Realms (he did). Sir AEston Stromgate, Lord of Rhiassa, was inducted into The Gambler's Guild. The Order of Honorary Service started here, a place where veterans of The Emerald Path(OOC: people who actually have served in the military branches) are recognized and more- one should talk to Sir Guilliam of Grimloch, Lord Tallon of Neden, and others about it. The Knights of the Potentium accepted in Nymbous of Neden. The Order of the Peacock invited the First Lady of Neden, Lady Karmha Celestine-Cooke, into their group. Radstar the Red of Chimeron was taken away by Dark Rohde. Sir Iawen Penn's soul was repaired and locked down permanently, with much help from Blackwood, Chimeron, Folkestone, Neden, and others making their cases to The Five Ladies, Harlequin, Vandor, and other deities. A being that was but was not Tetch was there, and a very young unknown man gave out pressed arcane disks to certain folk that contained music within. Sir Mahkta McKrye wrote and sang The Rhiassan Anthem (a Yule gift from the lord to his followers). The Gilded Lion Carnival made its first official appearance here.

Feast of Creathorne: Tallon of Neden stepped down as leader, and the country was left in the hands of Nymbous. Rohk started their adventuring career here.
River-Town: (Pick-Up Realms!) The two elders of this area went missing, both attempting to become Dream Masters. One was ultimately successful in the plane of The Dreaming, but the cost was being unable to return to his own body (essentially being crushed by a cave-in as he was sleeping way in the back there). This bothered him a great deal and sought to trap other fellow townspeople and adventurers alike there as well, but the second elder (under disguise) returned to the physical plane that was the Realms to aid and guide the people there. In the end, he, too, was able to recognize his goal of becoming a Dream Master, but wisely departed before being taken out.

KoEF Tournaments: Warlord Jaha of Grimloch stepped down and had Sir Shandar take his place. Both participated in the Gauntlet as is their custom.
Festival of pi(e):
Feast of Highbridge III: Classes in Pax Tharkus were successful, as was High Tea. Wolfbrother made some announcements concerning time being broken, a prophecy about New Illinar. Dr. Slashblight himself showed for the feast.
Northern Spring Tournaments: These were run by Dame Phoenix of Folkestone.

April: Saurabia opened up its borders for visitors, adventurers, and tourists. Hooray!
Feast of Chimeron 23: Jack showed the Realms the end of a world: The Risen Kingdom appears.
May: An Error in Judgement
Green & Gold: Sir Guilliam O'Bearkin is knighted into The Knights of the Eternal Flame. The majority of Grimloch breaks off from the nation to form Invictus, under Sir Shandar.
Toc 22
June: Feast of Eagle's Rook: Squire Hermian of Gryffindor was Knighted as a Knight of Eagle's Rook. Eagle's Rook traded a few regenerating cows to the Kingdom of Blackwood, in return for a few regenerating pigs. Thus, Eagle's Rook now always has meat available in hard times.
Dragon Master 3
A Night of Living History
N/S War

July: Feast of Min XXV: The End - Min ends twenty-five years of partying.

August: Rhiassa Champion: Imari
Katsuie started adventuring this month.


1016 M.R.
Knights of the Sable Dragon present: Arisia 2016:The citadel of a powerful mage lay abandoned, and the magic is leaking out and wreaking havoc on the countryside. Adventurers were needed to investigate the ruins, learn about the magic, and restore order. There were rumors that great rewards were within the citadel, but the mage worked hard to protect his wealth. The wild magic elemental which had been corrupting the mage's
released magic was undone. Josephine became Empress of the Plutocracy this year.
Feast of Leviathan XVIII: The Church of Aurora, chapter under Laika En'naur and Sir Rel Zhirah, encouraged people to seek Her Light. Jean Baptiste offered up more choices through his business. Gwen of Rhiassa became engaged successfully to Sir Nighthawk of Invictus (the wedding is planned for Queen of Hearts). Eris of the Northern Alliance had help from Rel, Rosetta, Axel, and many others to remove the pesky pixie from her soul. Jinx of Blackwood was knighted a Knight of the Eternal Flame. Kamilla of Mayerling was appointed Ambassdor of Mayerling to the Realms. The Church of Harlequin had a falling out between Rawlin of Neden and Lako & Kyara of Gau Dring. Ezra Chandler and Balthazar Valimar tackled a Time Snarl together and went missing. The View from Valehaven performed the Bardic duties of the annual View Awards. The dark elf Critias was kidnapped before he could enter the safety of The Pen & Sword II tavern. The Adventurer's Guild had a successful run and more people joined their paying ranks.

February -
Viro went on a small quest with his fellows to follow the last living trace of family only to discover the grandmother had since become deceased, but the spirit was trapped in the Dreaming. An obnoxious old man volunteered to send them "safely there", and the denizens of the The Dreaming never ceased to confound the Awakened adventurers. A bird spirit was released from its Dreaming prison, called CoCoZelle. The old man revealed himself to be the one behind the grandmother's death, and an all-out battle ensued, with Auroran aid summoned at the last moment. Lucien's Blade was lost to the Lands of Death, but there's always a chance it could be remade, as soon as someone can locate Lucien himself. There was also a token left behind that Viro acquired, and all adventurers woke up safely after all.
Feast of Creathorne: Cronin of Creathorne hosted this one.
Void Where Prohibited:The Risen Kingdom built void-portals from Fae to Hell and to the mortal Realms, and in doing so created a new Unchanging Place in the Fae Wylds. Vengeful Fae Treants tore up most of the Iron Road itself, but with the portals anchoring the area it is difficult to say how much the Risen Kingdom's efforts have been disrupted.
March -
The Blue Rose Charity Casino Night: The Knights of the Blue Rose hosted a charity event to help a member of Sir Kwartz's family, raising 6700$. It's encouraged for more details and memories of that gathering to inquire of the Knighthood and those that were there.
Feast of Highbridge IV: This year marked the passing of the culinary feast-o-crat torch from Demetria to Aymise, who put her own mark on the event. There were Professors who made a come-back, and new Teachers (such as Dame Freesia on Etiquette) as well. The Magi of the Realms and any others who were interested had a powerful meeting in which they learned that no two spell-casters really do thin exactly alike on certain paths-ways to magic, arcane, divine, elemental, or otherwise. Research was undertaken soon after...
April -
Food & Fun in Neden: Syruss & Nymbous host tournaments for Order of the List, BBQ feasts, and more takes place in the land of Neden.
Saurabian Tournaments II: There was discussion on whether or not there was a 'first' Saurabian Tournaments. Dani-Danger of Folkestone was crowned the 'People's Champion' after knifing Jean Baptiste viciously, and is known by her battle cry "I yield".
Feast of Eagle's Rook 2: A portal was discovered, and four emissaries came forth asking the Realms to mediate between their issue at hand. A contract was drawn up, overseen by Sir Hermian of Gryffindor and Sir Rosetta of Rua Thar Cinn, among others. The Blade of Variance was completely forged and handed off by Noah Smith.
May -
Feast of Chimeron(The Feastening, The Questening): King Cecil was gifted with a portable throne of wood and stained glass. The Risen Kingdom struck out from the portal created near Wendmor and set up three Planar Beacons for some nefarious purpose. Adventurers set out in response and prevented their complete activation with only minutes to spare! At night it was discovered that the Iron Road, being a new Unchanging Place, was still slightly malleable with help from a special artifact. A large number of adventurers decided to shape the Iron Road to intersect with the Delta of Possibilities. To enact their will upon the Iron Road, the final step the adventurers took was to strike against the Risen Kingdom as they were licking their wounds from earlier in the day. While the fight was tough, Pygor Starblade was finally killed and the Risen Kingdom was forced from the Road, but there was not enough time to close the gate that the House Starblade forces came from. On Sunday morning, adventurers helped scout the caverns underneath Chimeron to follow up on information from the prior day about a different faction of the Risen Kingdom's activity there, under Triskwater.
Tournaments of Creathorne:Saegan of Acteon was made a Knight of the Eternal Flame. Axel Nosetti, squired to Sir Trent Shadowdragon, made himself a Knight of Chaos. The other Knights accept.

The Realms honored and wished the memories of Sir BrightHammer Icebreaker Half-Dwarven (of Tuath Fusach) and Arg the Pirate (from the Republic of Cyn, made his last harbor in Corsica) well as they left for the Western Flank and parts unknown permanently.

June - Tournaments of Blackwood:
July - Queen of Hearts 23 The adventurer Eris, celebrated her tenth anniversary in the Realms with winning Queen of Hearts, Invictus backing her on and off the field. Team Snake Cult and Team Umbra made a good showing as well.
August -
Feast of Folkestone XVII:
Folkestone Questing: The Quill was changed from making demonic contacts to creating stories. The Realms promised to write fifty (50) stories in a year (due September 4th, 1017 M.R.)for the over-powered Chaotic being, Arioch. General Guile was installed as the Ninth Prince of Hell. Borjid sacrificed his tabbard and left the small kingdom of Coventry in the South. A beacon was lit three years ago or so to mark Bedlam's defeat, but it is unknown who or what keeps the beacon going at this point, or where the Beacon itself is even placed/marked.
Feast of Blackwood: King Kerrell of Blackwood was dubbed a Knight of the Realms.
October -
November -
December -

1017 M.R.
Gamblers' Guild Extravaganza 1:
Feast of Leviathan: Aryss became a Knight of Blackwood, and a Page for the Order of the Peacock.
Excursion to the Boundry Summit:
The Viper Trials:

February - The Night of Colors took place.
The Subtle Thread Presents: Calibrated Questing: Something to go against the Risen Kingdom?
Feast Of Creathorne 2017:

March -
Imperium March
Feast of Highbridge V

April -
Feast of Eagle's Rook 3:
Neden Presents: A day of BBQ Fun 2:

Feast of Chimeron XXV:
Chimeron Questing:Unusual events tend to happen the day after a feast in Chimeron, and this year was no exception! The Winds of Change caused the border between Fae and Chimeron to become softer than usual, and caused a bit of chaos. Among many other things, we have reports of a diamond heist at an underground speakeasy, critical pushes into the Risen Kingdom�s operations in Chimeron�s network of caverns, some disjointed skirmishes with the Misty Hand, desecration and re-sanctification of local shrines to Gods of the Realms, a multitude of strange happenings involving the jumbled soft spots between Chimeron and Fae, a daring Skrunk hunt, a town that has been consumed by lycanthropy and vampirism, and a major change in the Fae Wildes as Lord Goldmist regained his sanity and his tie to the Seam of Dreams was severed. The Winds have since died down, but who knows when trouble will begin blowing again?
Creathorne Spring cleanup, followed by Tournaments of Creathorne 24:

June - Keep Calm and Fete On! took place.
N/S War 2017
Neden Questing 2
Rhiassa Presents: The Gilded Lion Summer Festival III:
Songs of the Abyss

July -
Neden Monster Clean Up
Blackwood Tournaments VI
Grimloch Grill and Games 2017
The Event Which Must Not Be Named VI

August -
Rhiassa Presents: Queen of Hearts XXIV
September: -
October -
November -
December -
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