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Zasha-To Finds Poetry

Author: Zasha-To
Place/Gathering Discovered: Zeek's Collection
Date: 05/29/24
Transcribed by: Iawen Penn
Wed, 25 Jun 997

Another Toh-Rani note:

Hello! Hello!

Is Zasha 'gan...
Me - um I mean I - found true copy of poem... is too late to help maybe but I said would try find and did so here is...

Falling backwards, sideways to the left in Pink
With a blue anchor and no feet
Eyes drying in the crying sun

If I remember to on paper put, falling asleep.

Silver, Gray define Black
Composite rainbow all

The Gray Man sits on his dark hill
With his staff and twilight blue

Silver-gray the threads of the web
between the stars be.

Sleep is the little deaths
The Gray Man seeks my heart
for the little death
on his web of stars.

Take me with you please, Gray Man,
The wonders of your web call me
Sing, Shrieking, Wailing, Joy
This Waking Slumber send me flying
Falling Backwards...

Pink, Falling Backwards, Soft

Falling Backwards, spiraling to the right
with anchor pink and still no feet or hands or arms or legs

The Gray Man seeks my heart
for my little death on his web of stars

Taking a run on the autumn sun
in cool grass on padded feet
if I remember to on paper put, falling asleep

Like running on an autumn sun
In a few wet meadow on padded feet
and under jungle wet green

And the wind in the winter trees
And the moon in blue and silver be

Running playfully in the star web
In the woods
Mud in toes
and you beside me
barefoot go...

That is the end of the poem I found...
Oh, have any one found helped my sisters yet? Me miss them...

Um, there is many happy Gargoyls today: Randal the Green has saved more now... He save Mugg, who is really Kieros (with Lars Stormbringer-Sire Deneb Help), Mutilate, who is really Dorthan (with Dirk Coville help), Malice, who is really Gwenith (with new squire help, me misremember his name though...), and Murder who is really Brayle... All is good but Mayhem, who is not.
Marie be well and say many HELLO's to Randal and Baron Diamond and Lars and she be saying many times when will she have a husband? but compassion is good too so she won't ask but the willing, you know?


Oh, yeah... Um...Well...That is, Mir-Ka says that should be good that not all that looks foul is foul... no that not right...What? Oh, yeah: 'you should not judge a person by looks alone'... I think that was a foreshadowing, but I can't run ahead right now to find out for sure.

Oh, Stormbringer says that there is a new Savage Beast in the Wood, and a female at that, and 'I don't know what the gestation period is for a Savage Beast is, since I have only ever seen the one, but I think the female is pregnant....'

Well, that's it for this time...

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