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An Entertaining Dream-Stuff

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Date: July 10th, 1011 M.R.
Responses: Three, the next day.
Hey there, guys.

For those who weren't there: a bunch of us met in the Misty Hills before showing up at Paradise for Feast of Min. Short version as I'm really tired and think I still have many miles to go before returning to Val'Dara:

We met Master Grovich, Chief Daboo, and Minerva (a story-telling bard) in the Misty Hills. Minerva took us easily through to a place called Lucien's Domain (I think), and in the first part he had many dream-like monsters that kept pieces of the old Counselors' history away from us. We had to find five cards for each one: Dreamer, Druid, Mage, Inventor, and Defender. However, it turned out there weren't any cards for Defender...

That was because the next place we went to was a Nightmare for the first Defender, Queen Nimbus. She was murdered by Bedlam in a dream and sent down a river of Bedlam. There was a book or something, I was told later, but I don't know anything about it. Being Fae, I was kind of hiding in the background...Minerva used this sword that had 'Destiny' written on it to cut us right out of the skerrie and into ANY PLACE OTHER THAN HERE.

We were led to Quinn who was trapped, along with Tillion Bluemoon and pieces of Shane. We met Elhazt, one of the Lost Runes (lost to us, anyway), in the Dreaming. The Black Star Guild sect, the Force, attacked us en masse and then when they realized we could hold our own, they actually left... which meant we had a lot of thinking to do (not my strong suit). We eventually got through all the wards and Quinn and Tillion and the pieces of Shane got out.

The fourth place we went had the guy named Lucien (he wore a scary silver mask and was very creepy) and many others showing off items or things, I think, that belonged to another evil Rune called Midoru, who had taken over Quinn. I'm not quite sure why, but the work we did there made it only 'slightly' easier for us to get to Midoru, Quinn, and this spot called The Wellspring in the last place we were taken.

Many people made deals with Midoru; I'm not sure why, but I'm still not sure we saved the Wellspring, though I ... I *think* Sir Callin of Folkestone saved Quinn. I think. I'm not sure how Aurora and her powers work with her knights. At any rate, many beings had been watching, watching us Dreamers, Entertainers, for a while. In the end, the Duke of Pride, named Benedict, showed up to announce Faerie's choice and to give people time to talk with the newest Counselor of Sky and Space and to figure out other things (like putting Shane back together).

In the mean-time:
Yipp has joined the Druid Path-walkers.
Sir Callin of Folkestone has joined the Defender Path-walkers.
Johan is now the Counselor of Sky and Space, but should he ever fall before the final battle, we remaining on the path are to take up his mantle. May he never fall.
Shane has chosen, for now, to be an Outsider instead of continuing on the path of Inventor.

I believe the outsider Laurante had issued a challenge to Gideon and the other Inventors at Green & Gold this year, with Leah, the current Counselor of Earth and Water beside him. I guess that makes The Inventors next up.

Good luck, everyone.
- Gray
Whoa, wait.

People made deals with Midoru?!
...Why? Were they not listening to what he was saying to me, or what I was saying back?
Does anyone know who these people were?
Roandal en Fal.

For those unaware and as a side note:

Minerva is the Daughter of the God Antioch. She is somewhere between a God and a Demi-God. She has providence over the areas of Dreams and thus stories from what I know, which is little.
She is not a full blown god in our realm, but is in others I believe. As per the normal rules, she is not allowed to directly interfere and is only as powerful as the number of followers she has here.
For those interested, she needs followers and especially for those interested in dreams... It would seem like a good idea. She is very nice most of the time and fair in all things that I have interacted with her on.

Just thought I would let people know.


Thank you. It's great to see us all sharing so much lately. This in particular is very helpful confirmation for me, as a friend and student of mine is curious about Minerva.

Thank you,
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