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Known Locales

To the north, along the Lyre River near Pheasant Lake, is Blackhearts' Landing, a small port town named after the family that often stops by.

Following the Lyre further leads you to New Haven, the smaller of the two main cities in the barony. New Haven is often the entrance into Val'Dara that many traverse through from northern reaches.

To the east, along Little Fox River, lies the Onyx Tortoise Bathhouse, a popular stop no matter the season.

To the west, just past the fork where the Lyre River meets Stony Brook, is the Calm Shores Tea House. Following it further south, towards the swamps, you come upon a place near the border simply referred to as "Shane's Place". Both locales were known to be owned by a selkie named Shane Isshan, who was once a Val'Daran himself. Though he died before the defeat of Bedlam, his former home now is a powerful place for magic and a weary traveler.

To the southwest lays the capital city of Caer Estelle. Despite it being so close to the edges of the land, one would have to push through much more dangerous territory to approach the southern gate with any ill intent. Both Caer Estelle and New Haven host those who are unable to survive winter's harshest touch.

Far to the north of Shane's Place, lays a small lumber town. Ashcrest is known for it's agreements with the local fae and wood spirits, and considered a soft-spot within the barony. It is not uncommon to find fae tending the bar and sprawling inn.

Between Ashcrest and Caer Estelle lies Heldereby. It is a farming village, and the largest of them in Val'Dara. Though mostly farmers, they are also known for producing fine drinks. They often ship their produce and drink to Caer Estelle for larger sale.
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