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Scattered Missives 1011

These are scattered missives from 1011. Some might see this as wrong, others might take it as relief. For, in the end, all groups, nations, guilds everywhere have times where no one gets along, even when for the most part they want the same thing(and how no one really ever gets one's name right, even when seen in missives). I will attempt to place dates up as I find them with each letter (but letters sent the same day will just have one date at the start of it), and to place them in a semblance of order. For some reason, my lord Domino feels this was 'a good year'? - Aven

January 1011
January 16th
Et. al,

I was contacted by Hope of Paradise earlier this week. Laurante had left her a note asking that she contact me if he hadn't returned to his place at Paradise by nightfall. This evening past, I reached out to find him using the Dreaming. I believe I found him, but...well, let me tell you quickly what I saw. I was in a dark place, and once I found a light source, the room was filled with a green glow. It was large, and there were sculptures, made from weapons and shields of all sorts, some new, others rusted. Generally speaking, the whole place gave me shivers.

The interesting part happened after I heard a whimper. Looking for the source, I found a ritual circle on the floor. In the middle was a five-pointed black star, with the Inventor's Rune at each point. The places in-between were filled with odd knots and scribbling. It's then that I found the source of the whimpering. A young boy, with long braided hair, pointed ears and dark skin. Silver runes on his skin, and clothes of dark green and black. He looked hurt, and as I stepped forward, he called out a warning to stop, or I'd get hurt too. A tile clicked under my foot, that started flashing with a green light. That's when I woke up, and my room smelled like something burning. From what I can guess, that boy is Laurante, though I don't know how, and it's possible this place has something to do with the poor girl stuck in the spot of Earth and Water.

Does anyone else have any insight or ideas?

Yes I have insight. I need to talk to someone first before sharing it.
This is not out of selfishness, but out of caution. I'm hoping this won't take long.

Laraunte can generally handle himself, but in case he is off the map... I will try and figure some additional information out.

-Sir Magnus
I have had the same dream. - Johan
I as well. - Orado

Me too. Same burning smell, too. And while Laurante can generally hold his own, I hope that this secrecy is really necessary and that we're not hanging back based on assumptions. - In Light, Harlest
I'm sorry, what secrecy do you mean? I think I'm right to assume that those of Water/Earth and Sky/Space were the only ones of us to get that dream? I'm also thinking of using the Dreaming again to try to see or learn more.
I asked the following question; "Who does the boy in my dream represent?"

The answer I received was; "He sees the young boy elf, holding his hand up protectively: "Please! Don't hurt me! I can't fight! Please, just leave me alone!" with silver Runes (Johan has seen a few before) on his face and hand and neck. He looks frightened.

On the opposite side of the of the ball, is a much older elf there, frizzy hair tied back into a pony-tail, armed in his one hand with KA-BAR and gold runes (that Johan has *not* seen before). He has mostly a blank expression with the hint of a smirk, but is definitely intimidating, a wild card."

The ball referred to above is my focus for my Seer magic. I do know that Laurant is a worships Slaanesh, a chaos god of pleasure in any emotional form. This could mean that he's taking pleasure from the emotional response of the child. I can't tell if it's an interrogation or if Laurant is being controlled. Do we know if the runes are the same ones we use or what they represent?

If they are the Runes created by Rosetta and his students, then I can translate them. The transcription of them all into legible form is still ongoing, but if shown them I can answer.

- Ged

January 17th
Having not heard back from the person I needed to, I would wonder whether or not things are finished.
That said, here is my information:On January 14, my Defender senses, the ones that tell whether someone is is trouble were peaked on. Note the Mages are always in some form of trouble. What the heck you guys keep doing I have no idea. It was odd though. The danger warning cycled to all of the positions.

This leads me to believe a paradox is currently in play. Likely someone used a rune set that is even OR someone used a rune that was dead or inactive which made an odd number of runes into an even number and also caused paradox. So I cast Seance and asked the question "Who is in trouble and what have they done?". There were some comments in there was well; but that is between myself and the Goddess. The answers I got back were:
It was the oddest thing,
I saw Quazar, but through Aurora I knew it is not her in trouble.She seemed to be racing (was that a dragon on her shoulder) across a snowy landscape (when the hell did she get wings ?!).
To focus on who is in trouble, I peered further,
and saw an explosion, and from the smoke a dark elf was running for his life, and ducked again as something at the end of the hall points a... a wand, I think but am unsure, and the same explosion goes off as the dark elf skitters behind a corner.
For the first time since I have ever seen Laraunte, and trust me this is not a normal thing to see,
he looked... worried.
And I could see bright silver runes on him.

That is the information that I have. While I have my reservations, I am pretty sure Laraunte has finally jumped off the deep end of the pool and has found that there are monsters in the water.
I hope that helps. As I said, Quazar is not in trouble, but I have been unable to reach her.

I also want to say this, get it off my chest.
YOU GUYS DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD PLAYING WITH THESE RUNES GODS DAMN IT! I know they are powerful and hell, may be they will come in handy. But the number of times that I have to come in and save people due to rune mistakes or errors is starting to mount and become crazy. Either you are being too reckless trying things before verifying or doing before thinking 'should I do this'? I would seriously think hard before using them. Because there will come a point where you will do something beyond my fixing or our fixing and that will be dangerous.

-Sir Magnus
Quazar probably used runes to fly.

I know where Laurante is and Inventors, it's her. You should know who I mean.

And now to sound totally rude...
How are we supposed to learn about them and how to use them right it we don't try and make mistakes to learn from? Where and whom are we to learn from? Once you can tell me that, then you can have the right to point fingers and blame people. Using magic to look into them can be more dangerous.

We all need to step up our game.

Well, the answer to "Where and whom are we to learn from" is me.

- Ged
Space and Fire

Johan, the Time rune. Last night I watched it happen in the Dreaming.

Ged, you have more important things to worry about, like having challenged The Duke of Magic for his position at Cecil's. When you announced yourself as the Mage of Faerie...that didn't go as planned.

As for the runes, they still have different meanings between the paths. Opportunity for me is Obnoxious for Mages. It's up to each of us to learn how to use them as we see them, not have one person say "learn these, they're only these meanings."

We're going to mess up and make mistakes. Even gods aren't infallible.

January 18th


I have handled Domino's misunderstanding of my declaration. Actions speak louder than words.

I am stepping up to the position of Space and Fire. That means, among other things, re-starting the lessons on the Runes. I do not have "more important things to worry about" - this is one of the aspects of the role I am fulfilling.

Be very careful with this idea that "The Runes have different meanings between the paths" - remember that they were originally Rosetta's students, other faeries. The way that a Rune was created involved the student devoting themselves to a concept or ideal. Rosetta once told me, "I have seen friendships of years destroyed in minute under the influence of the Obnoxious Rune." That was due to the nature of the student which became this Rune. It is true, the energy the Rune can provide might respond differently to Space and Sky than Space and Fire, particularly considering that what Rosetta found Obnoxious may have been Opportunity to Masks, so I would not discount it entirely, but I stress again, be careful with that.

We are going to mess up, but just remember the price - pain and danger to Rosetta, the Runes, your friends and allies, and yourself. Do not lose the balance.

- Ged


There is a lesson you have yet to learn. It is a hard lesson to learn. And as is normal in life, those of us who have learned it and try to teach others often are not listened to because the young rarely understand the wisdom of the old. Sometimes, trying a thing to learn about it is dangerous. Some things should not be tried or used. That is always a hard pressed lesson.

For a proper example, I reference the sword Blue or Demon Blue. You can try to weild it, banish it, or solve the problem. But it will kill you. And then have a rampage until it goes to sleep or is bored. If you don't believe me, ask others.

Let us not deal in vague terms.

You mean to say that Laurante is in the Artisan's place, running from her? We knew she was making a place full of contraptions and traps which was intended to become her Inventor's Place. Hence, the trap that was triggered in the dream. Is this accurate so far?

I'll attempt to be brief,

Phee, congratulations. That's exactly the logic that allowed The Purging. Think about it.

Ged, you're not the first to have created issues for us by opening your mouth before you think. You should be smart enough to know that Fae is a place where what you say has consequences. That goes doubly for someone on a path. I am curious what you mean by 'Restarting the Lessons of the Runes.' Living students went into these, I hope you're not silly enough to make more. Then again, I may be totally off base. If it represents pain and danger for Rosetta, I'm generally in favor of it.

Johan, please help Magnus coordinate a Laraunte extraction. I will likely be out of contact for some time, but will be ready and able once the time is right. I trust the two of you to find what needs to be found, and will be glad to offer any help you might want.

Inventors, our meetings were all too brief at Leviathan. I urge you all to coordinate with each other. While the others will help us, it is we who shall be tested once we step within that house. Do what it is we do, build.

Orado, you and Magnus are cordially invited to visit my private studio Thursday night. I trust you're familiar with that section of Ivory. I am in the process of conducting some interesting experiments, and am anxious to discuss the matter with you two. If necessary, please have Faelinn put the pieces back together. Also, feel free to have a drink if you're curious.

All else, may your lights continue to burn bright. Whatever deities you may worship, for the adventurer there is only one true faith. I pray that one day we might all find it.

Luck and Speed,

January 19th

Before I delve into deep meditation to work through everything I've learned recently I'm going to write a few things.

I sent out a message through Aisling in error because I thought something was about to be done to my body, after it was blown to pieces (my own fault), that I viewed as potentially bad. I was wrong in this assumption, but unfortunately due to many odd circumstances I was never able to rescind the message before the interpretation of what transpired with me was viewed incorrectly. On one hand the results of the rescue were bad, but on the other hand they were good. It seems that the BSG Mages came to get me at the same time, and may have been led by Byecross himself.(It was. - Aven) Specifically they came to "rescue" Outsider and were willing to kill me to bring me with them. Seems like they got my message as well, and we need to now be more careful about sending cries for help to the Paths. If, Quazar and James Swift had not been there at the same time causing havoc, things may have gone differently. Even if I did not seem it at the time. I am thankful they came, even if they came to fight instead of talk.

Runes. Every path has a biased view on their use because of how they use them. The meaning behind them at the core is the same, but the way each path functions makes them work slightly differently. To the Mage. Raido is to journey to a place. To a Dreamer. Raido could be a way of teleporting inside the dreaming. Outside, it's the physical pathway to something. Some on the other hand are pretty straight forward because they have so few definitions. Like dispel and stop. I was told, that in order to learn the unbiased runes I'd have to learn them from every path.

Ged, while I appreciate what you are trying to do with teaching the runes. You're handwriting has gotten me into a great deal of trouble, and Quazar as well who got some runes from me. You also are learning runes from a very biased and opinionated mind. And Phee is right, you have better things you need to be focusing on. Byecross is a better rune caster then you. I'll work on compiling the list of runes and their various definitions. I've already got 6 new runes to experiment with and figure out, that I'm certain no one else has. If everyone can send me what runes they know, even if they think I have it already, I can compile the list faster and get it out to everyone.

And since this is a missive about disappearances and I have no letters on my desk talking about it. Yet I see Magnus has been sending letters in the last day. Did Freesia get found or is she still lost in Fae trouping around with some unknowns? You and Mattiah ran off without a word at the Feast while I was a bit distracted by trying to keep Faelin from going on a rampage and killing a lot of people.

Speaking of no letters. I have a total of 6 votes and today is the deadline for voting on the Dreamer. You all have been given plenty of opportunity to read what each has written and decide.


Laurante has been taken out of the situation. My apologies for not responding, I was in the inventors fortress getting him.

To everyone,

I apologize for my rather harsh and rude responses from the other day. I was overtired from working on several things, and a bit upset at being shown things that weren't so pleasant. My words were harsher than they should have. I should have used my better judgement and waiting until my temper had cooled, and for this, I'm sorry.

In respect to what I said about learning the Runes, it was something that was told to me when I started walking this path. I was told that I need to learn them differently than others, and for Runes, I need to know them more than just as a meaning. When I learned about Diminish, I was told about the student. When I learned Healing, I needed to understand a bedside manner, and I was showed those who I respected and cared for, injured and needing my help. While I may know the words, I don't know the meanings. I don't know how true this is for others, even on this Path. Ged, as a reminder, you offered to send out a copy of Runes to everyone back at the meeting we had.

Magnus, in respects to the young rarely listening to the old, the same can be said in reverse. I have indeed seen Blue before, and I've heard the story behind it. I honestly feel bad for it, being stuck; I know the feeling of being unable to get home. I've learned harsh lessons before, and I've lost parts of myself, or lost people I care for, because of it. I'm not trying to ignore the advice of others, and I know things I've said have gone unheeded before. There is a part of me that craves to learn, and sometimes there's no one to guide or lead you; no teachers or elders. What can I do then? I can't promise that something wouldn't go awry, but I would try my hardest to not harm anyone. Not again. I'd rather learn and make mistakes than never try. It's who I am, it's what my family was like. If I learn the hard way, and can teach others so they don't have to, I'd rather it happen like that.

Roandal en Fal beldara tosa shal en Teska'gen'neshona,
-Phoenix Rose
January 20th
On the subject of the Runes, I do understand that I have not yet learned everything about them. I have arranged for magic to teach me them, as accurately as possible for the Mage, to return to me. I am holding off on the precise, well-written version of this list until the magical energies are released, to avoid any further misinterpretations.

I am curious as to what demonstrates that Byecross is a better Rune caster than I am. While I believe it, from warnings Rosetta has given me in addition to the fact that he has had many, many more years than I to learn them, Although I would be very, very careful about learning them from his example, any additional information it could provide would help all of us.

It would be worth working out more specific ways, whether through Runes or otherwise, of sending out calls for assistance. Sending a message to all followers of a Counselor's Path is simple, but, as you found, is no longer safe.

The full moon is tonight. I am taking a further step.

- Ged


If, as i believe, it was him who I fought against briefly when Quazar came to rescue me. He made short work of the rune spells I was casting. Considering I got my list from you, had been told a little bit about how to cast them by you, and had even cast some spells in ways that you believe to be bad ways to casts spells. I don't think you will fare well against him without better knowledge and training. I did at least force him to use normal Abjury against one spell. Him and the cronies he was with all had at least the ability to Resist Magic from Abjury.

He's as arrogant a fool as Rosetta that's for sure, but ran for the hills when he discovered an Abjurer was there to help me. Even though they clearly outnumbered us. May have been because it would have been easy to Banish them from the place we were in easily.

I did learn 1 offensive and 1 defensive rune from him due to his arrogance at least, but only the name. I need to experiment to discover the actual meanings/intent behind them. While penning this I just had a revelation on the defensive rune. I'll hopefully have an answer in a day or so. If I'm right it will prove very handy.


I will now teach you all a rune that will come in handy. Especially if you've invoked a Counselor rune and find yourself distracted by it's natural tendencies. It is focus. It's name is Konsantre and it's symbol is such. You can either use it as a 1 point and it will assist you in keeping your focus on the task you are performing, or it can be used at the start of a spell to make sure you do not become distracted as easily if you have to concentrate on the spells function. I'm sure the Inventors have already started rubbing their hands together while cackling. ( OOC note, if you yourself can't actually focus the rune won't do anything for you. As in if I use it and Jeremy suddenly goes "ooh shiney." It's not going to do squat for me. )

My list of Lost runes. Mannaz, Sennaz, Jeta, Kara, Ithabise, and Midoru. Do not try and invoke any of these at this time. Since I was confused by the term lost, when I clearly knew where 2 were myself. I will try and explain it. Lost means they are no longer functioning in their capacity as a Rune because the magics that made them one were undone. I'm looking into reversing this and have several good leads on info. I know many people will probably say not to fix Midoru. I'll try not to, but if it's an all or none deal, I will fix all. I also know the situation with Ithabise and will look into that further as well before doing anything.

According to my sources only Paasa is clearly dead. I'm not sure what this means since I've Identified some runes and gotten answers of Dead Rune as a result. Since Lost rune means something other then it sounds. I'm guessing it may be similar for Dead Rune. It's on the bottom of my list of things to look into, but it's on the list.


He can MAKE runes... can you..? That alone amongst his atrocities makes him a more "powerful" if not heinous rune caster than you.

Laurante I'd appreciate a story about your encounter with Byecross... i want to learn more about the man i am going to end...

Ithabise is safe, please do not attempt to undo her position as she can leave me any time she wishes and she is the only reason i am still alive.

Did he invoke a rune called Qwill at any point...?

Glad you're well and safe again...


Yes, I can, but not his way, mine requires a truly willing subject. I have no intention of creating any more, however. Laurante, thank you for this information.

- Ged

January 24th

Ithabise CHOSE to bind herself to me, and can leave whenever she wishes.

If I hear even the slightest rumor that you intend to raise a weapon to me again I will end you.
End. You.
You are not judge jury and executioner and you've no idea what goes on in every corner of our world. She has the choice to leave whenever she wishes and has chosen to stay by my side to be protected by the guild and fools.

This will be your only warning. I've worked with you and given you my trust and this is the repayment? Welcome back to the shitlist.


When did he say that? I'm not jabbing at you; I literally can't find the place in these missives where he said that and I'm worried that I'm missing some letters.

But yes, the very thought of any of us seriously threatening to do any of the others harm is beyond appalling and I hope nobody abides by it. I'm speaking in the general case here, because I don't have the evidence yet that Laurante even did anything (not that I doubt Gryff, I just don't like accusing others without knowing why).

Though we may disagree, you should all know that I will never, NEVER wish harm or plot against any of you. That goes doubly for those of you who are convinced that I have worked specifically against you in the past. The possible short-term "advantages" to dispatching with others do not overcome the unnecessary discord, drama, and stress that these childish sort of pride acts would cause.

Gryff, you know I would defend you and all of Luna's children with everything I have, but I do hope you'll reconsider your promise to end Laurante. Turn the hatred towards the Guild and Bedlam; they're the ones that really deserve it. And Laurante, I know that you always speak with authority, even when you aren't even sure of yourself. Just make sure that when you speak ill of my brethren, you know exactly what you're saying. Words have terrible, terrible repercussions. Just by saying it enough, the rumour that Ithabise was forcibly bound could become reality. I hate the thought of walking on eggshells and being unable to joke around, but leave it for lighthearted matters. Don't start vicious lies and slander, because nobody knows what will come of it.

I realize this is now coming off as preachy. I apologize; I'm not trying to lecture and I know that I'm far from perfect myself. It's just that this whole mentality that violence is the way to respond to rumour or insult has really started to wear on me. We can't help Nimbus, or Faerie, or the Realms if we're all ready to murder each other at the drop of a hat. I know that a lot of us are often under stress. Remember that any of you are welcome to come to my home in Faerie at any time to vent, or study, or just have a cup of tea. Sometimes you need to get away from things and relax. Just let me know if you ever want to come by.

Sorry this was so long, but I seem to have a lot of feelings tonight. Feel free to flame me and call me a hypocritical bitch if you must, just please send the hate mail privately so we don't clog up the postal elves with arguing.

Blessed Be,
January 25th

I have to agree with Tria that your words are harsh but I can understand given the situation. This seems to be a situation of misunderstanding where the return of Ithabise was not understood by all. Understand that these emotions are exactly what the BSG is hoping we will go through in order to make us ineffectual as a whole.


I'm inclined to agree with Gryf but that's not going to get us anywhere useful. You've been gathering information that is crucial to the counselors but seem to not be sharing it with the rest of us. You need to trust us all to make the right decisions with the information you're gathering. The more knowledge we share, the faster we can react when the moment strikes.


We need to understand what tasks one another are working on and how best we can each help. One of my current projects is to establish a new Dreamer's place. Also, we need to know if anyone has been able to get back in touch with Freesia and where she stands on finding the Defender's place.

Understand that time is not on our side and we need to determine how best to decide who should fill the remaining counselor positions. Have the Inventors gotten any closer to finishing their challenge? Please respond with any information you can and I will do what I can to facilitate moving us forward.

~Johan, Dreamer
There are those traveling to find freesia last I knew. When they are able to bring back word or her we will know more. It is being worked on.

The Mages are faced with learning more and, I believe facing the problem before us of dominance. That is where we stand.

What do you need to create this place of Dreaming? Perhaps I can help.

I actually have put all the resource finding magics I had towards finding the Mage's Place. Between a Dream, listening to Fae Lore, and trying to Find the Path to the Place for almost a month, all I came up with is that it is outside, surrounded by trees, and in Faerie. I honestly don't think it's accessible anymore, at least not through usual means, because the mirror to the Place was smashed in the Dreaming years ago. I was waiting to share the information because I was thinking of doing one more thing first, but I have yet to come up with something that I think will actually tell me anything new. Now, I hear that the mirror to the Dreamer's Place was somehow repaired or something changed in the area, so maybe we could look into restoring it. I'm not sure what that would entail, though.

January 26th
I'm sure we can repair this if we work together. - Quazar
Yes, that is a very optimistic "go get 'em" sentiment, but I'm more wondering how practically we can do it. I wonder if it's been too long and how we would even get back to that particular spot in the Dreaming since it seems to be one of those places that is a little more off the map than others.

Dreamers, do you have any insight? Have you done anything akin to lucid Dreaming or Dreamwalking to stranger skerries or anything? The place I speak of is somewhere I don't think I've ever been, but Ged and Rel had gone there. From what I was told, it's a hall of mirrors, which presumably lead to each Counselor's Place (please correct me on this, Ged, if I'm wrong).

Also, what of the stories that the mirror in the Counselors' Seeing Place (the graveyard in the Dreaming) was fixed? Even though I cast my Dream spell every night as part of my prayers to Luna, I haven't had any interesting dreams in a very long time, so I haven't been able to check on the rumour myself. I have heard that there are two new graves there, and who they're for, but I don't know anything else for certain.


That mirror has been repaired, the one in the graveyard, but it is very very very fragile. I asked a while ago how it was broken, and don't remember a definitive answer. I would like one so that people can be very careful around it. It would be terrible if it were to break again.



Give me a short while to formulate a proper response. I can say, at the moment, I've been to a very interesting place in a graveyard in the Dreaming.

Sorry about the delay.

The day after I send the original missive here, when I mentioned I was going to try to learn more, I did do Dreamwalking, as you put it. I ended up walking into the graveyard, right next to Paasa's gravestone. The whole graveyard had this horribly oppressive feel to it. I kept walking, until I found a crypt. Inside there were a half-dozen statues, one was horizontal, of a veiled woman. The other five were broken, and looked as though they were supposed to be holding a mirror. The mirror itself was cracked, on its side. I could describe the statues if anyone is interested...though it was the mirror that grabbed my attention. I'm not certain if this is the same place? First time I've seen it.

January 27th

Thank you for the help. That does seem like the right place, or at least close. What did the crack in the mirror look like? Did it seem more like a split, or as if it had been shattered through blunt force? -Tria
January 31st

Sorry, I got caught up at the Tavern at World's End for a bit and well. As you know Time is weird there.

Where shall I start. Easiest first I think...


I share far more information than any of you even begin to share. Every one of you holds onto secrets and information and share only things that are known by many.

Yes, this is in the end a competition to see who is the better Counselor for Nymbus and Fae but which is more preferable? A counselor who won because he kept it all to himself or a Counselor who won against equals? Every time I return to my desk hoping to see something from any of you that I know you're working on. Every time I see next to nothing. The tools were created to communicate. The words were spoken to seek communication. Have either been truly followed through on? I shouldn't be the one to tell people how to Invoke their path and start their journey. Yet I've done it more then once now.

Let's me give another example close to your heart. No one kew you were doing anything with making a Place until someone else had said they knew a Dreamer was doing something in the Dreaming. You're doing something wrong and we'll talk in private after this.


I speak with Authority because I have earned the right to. You speak of putting words to rumor and yet do it right in your own message. You quickly spout off what you think I said and don't even bother to ask before you make accusations. While all of us are culprits of perceiving things different then the Truth at times. Some are worse then others.


While in my haste to talk with Zula my intentions may have not been clear to him. Not that it really matters much. You're usually the worst culprit of perceptions and spouting off about them.

I talked with Zula first because as your Lord I felt it would be courteous to let him know what would soon be happening before rumors came to him that were incorrect. Why? Because Gryf, you have to be killed and scalped to remove Ithabise now. Why? Because you did exactly what you not long ago yelled at people for doing. You used words around Fae magic. You told people that you can not live without Ithabise. People went around saying you needed her to live. You essentially let the epitome of Life hear your words and now they've become truth. She's not going to leave you. She will bring you back to life every time you die. She didn't bind herself to you. You bound her to you. In the beginning she was there to help you so that you two could safely escape. Now though? Don't worry I confirmed, with Iawen as witness, that you can be brought back to life like normal after she's not bound to you. So are you going to let her go now, or are you going to treat her like you do the Jackal?

Feel free to cast your own magics to confirm anything I've said. I'm not infallible and it's even possible an alternative can be found. Xaos isn't exactly the easiest god to talk to when you're looking for information. I trust her to know the secret of things though.


Onto the other 'Lost' Runes. I found Kara and then lost him when Quazar ripped me from his side at the Tavern. I'm just waiting on someone to get back to me and I'll probably have a good idea of where Sennaz is. Midoru is with someone in Chimeron. No clue on Mannaz. We know about Ithabise. All this is well and good, but I have no clue how to undo what was done to them. I was told this is something the Mage can deal with. Anyone have any insight on this? All I know is that the method of sacrificing themselves as they once did would work, but I'm sure it takes more then just stabbing themselves in the gut. There are other methods both of the good kind and the not so pleasant kind.

New rune for people. Riiya. He is wall. He is a comrade of Kara's. While he can cover a larger area he will not hold as long as the single minded focus of Kara. They liked to fight together. Hopefully they'll get to fight together again.

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