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November 24th, 1012

Master Ged et all Team Leaders...

If you're wondering where I've been, I've actually been attempting to keep one step ahead of Bedlam and the Black Star Guild (or at least what remains of them), but currently am "safely" with Domino. It's why I haven't made sent any updates to the Ivory Library... the King & Queen first and all of that.

Anyway, I prattle. This is the most I can help with right now: I was able to scry into some of the more interesting things that the Black Star Guild has acquired into their base, but not without great cost... anyway. Yes. So. You can carry as many as you want, but only TWO can be Active or Used at a Time. So... best to share. Anyway. So. Here there are:

Name - Physical Description
Ancient Sign - Black and Green Palm-Sized Sigil
Barrettes - White, red, and blue? Three of them?
Black Goldstone - Black beads and roses and goldstone in a large bracelet.
Black Star Bracelet - Five-pointed Black Star Bracelet.
Blue Star Bracelet - Five-pointed Blue Star Bracelet.
Blue Shield - Flimsy Blue Shield. I'm surprised it ever worked.
Coward�s Dagger - Blue blade, yellow hilt.
Dragon�s Tooth - An old tooth with a silver ring woven onto it, on a cord.
The Druid�s Scroll - Something large, bound, written by hand.
Eternity Book - Very purple, very powerful, hematite on the front binding.
"Furnace" - I put that in quotes because I saw an odd box with a long... pipe? sticking out of it... on a belt???
Future Toy of Madness - It seems like a harmless kaleidoscopic toy to me.
Gold Star Bracelet - Five-pointed Gold Star Bracelet.
Green Star Bracelet - Five-Pointed Green Star Bracelet.
Gwydion�s Magnifying Glass - A green & black magnifying glass.
Hamofel Saturation Litmus - No, wait, what�s THIS doing here?
Horns of Service - Hella-nice lookin� set of horns on a string.
Hood�s Favor - Brown leather and feather belt favor.
Icicle Necklace - Large frozen icicle that has light trapped inside on a cord.
Lucky Lollipop - OOC: DO NOT LICK. A sugary crystal white and blue treat with a bow.
Pink Bracelet - A thin metal pink bracelet.
Random Bracelet - A thick, colorful bracelet with RANDOM written on it and ten colored stars, five on each side.
Red Fire Robe - A robe made of magical fire.
Red Shield - Just like Blue Shield, only Red. Seriously? That's what they used???
Rock of Faith - A rock that says 'FAITH' on one side.
Scroll Case - Beat-up case that says ... I think a name on it weirdly? Or maybe BSG Runes. Green and gray and white and purple.
Shoddy Old BSG Pendant - If you can find this early and get it, it'll be useful. It's on a gaudy gold string of beads.
Silver Daggers - Silver shanks... they have matching Team Hilts.
Starry World - A glow-in-the-dark, needs to be light-charged sphere with stars on it.
Swift Retreat - Apparently James Swift built this one as a gift for the Queen, but it ended up here...?
Tiara - Silver hearts on your head.
The Veil - Pearls and white grave cloth over your head.
Wishbone Silver Necklace - A silver necklace with a shaped Wishbone at the end.

Again, hope this helps. Seems everything's down the last wire, eh? ...Alright, sending now. Domino says the north-east pillar isn't doing so hot.

Good luck,
- Aven
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