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Name: Entropy
Domain: Entropy, decay, destruction, the end, ...
Symbols: A 16-point star matrix with an 8-point star formed by the negative space in the middle
Avatars: Unknown
Plot marshals: Daniel Hudon, Stephen Sanford
Area of Influence: Its own world, Entropy's Requiem, dreams
A dark force of destruction and chaos that consumed another world. Once a god similar to the Realms' Dark One, something made it decide to end its world quickly and personally rather than wait for the natural cycle of decay, and since its mind was severed from it as a curse imposed by the souls it consumed, it continues on its rampage, with the Realms its next target. It is not inherently evil, but it is extremely powerful and dangerous.
Created by 'N' (Daniel Hudon) at 12-04-22 02:03 PM
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