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[Across the Realms]
From streetside shadows and other unseen places come mutters which say �Come to the murder shack at 12 bells if you want an ass kicking.�
In response to the recent conflict near the north-eastern border, riders have been dispatched to McKrye Pass to watch for enemy movement into the Rowan River Valley area. The spotters� camps each fly a green banner bearing a blue stripe down the middle.


In the city surrounding the Royal Academy for Military Science, refugees from Voraniss anxiously seek out news from their homeland.

[Lost Kingdoms]
Just north of the Lost Kingdoms: After the thwarting of Garrimaddon's efforts to claim the throne of Coventry, remaining forces have fallen back to Cobb Brook and the ruins of Marshfield. Under the guidance and leadership of Diakon the remaining force of about five thousand troops of humans from the Keln-Gylith area just outside of Sothron as well as a smattering of phantoms and wolds continue to expand their foothold northward into the gap between Ashenmark, Voraniss and Sharangil. Reports of small outposts as well as troop patrols being establish indicate that this area is no longer safe for travel without a significant guard. Furthermore, reports have trickled back to the nearby nations of individuals who managed to successfully travel through this area claimed to have passed through areas in which they were unable to feel the divine presence of their gods. This has lead to fears that the Erl Kings domain may be spreading.

Regardless of the established danger, merchants continue to make use of the Vanfrost to trade with the people of Midgard. One well-known merchant family, the Wensleydales of Ashenmark, have made a small fortune through the invention and sale of Dino-Might Dino Nuggets, using high quality game from Norlund as the main ingredient.
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