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Type of Missve: Five Counselors' List
Date: June 15th 1011 M.R.
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My Friends,

I am writing mostly to confirm that I have been added to this line of communication, and to thank you for including me. However, while doing so, I'd like to introduce myself. I believe I have met all of you at one point or another, but we're not all as familiar with each other.

I am called "Atticus the Red" though my proper name, which I rarely use since becoming a wizard, is Michael. I come from another world, which I believe is in another plane of existence but could simply be very far away. I have been traveling these Realms for five or six years now.

Like all of us, I am many things, and the obvious ones only touch the surface. I was once a journeyman assistant pie maker, in a world where but a very small number of men ever become wizards. I am a teacher, and the founder of the University of Highbridge. I am a Chimeronian by oath, and recently became the Regent of Pax Tharkus More recently, I was honored by the Order of the Magi of the Realms, who invited me to join their ranks.

I have been involved in the attempts to provide Queen Nimbus and her Realm with five true counselors for quite some time now. Until recently, this was as an Outsider-- I felt it was my place to do what I could to guide your progress, especially that of the Mages, in my role as a teacher.

Recently, I have had to face something I have known but avoided for a long time. I believe myself to be one of the new counselors, though I am not certain which. There are a variety of reasons for this, which I won't go into now for the sake of (relative) brevity. At this time, I walk the path of the Mage.

More importantly, I am a true friend to Queen Nimbus, as she is to me. I'm joining you now with a reminder that that friendship is more important than the five seats that stand open, and to encourage you all to strive to become her friends as well. I say this not meaning to suggest that you aren't doing your best already, merely to give perspective.

I hope we can all work together, to do what is best for my friend and her Kingdom.

Thank you,
Magus Atticus the Red
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