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Gifts, November 1010

Based on our conversation with Laurant at Black and White I think we should determine which of the gifts we currently have and where they are.

The five gifts are as follows:
A wand crafted to focus our elements
A weapon to protect the Queen
A servant pulled from Bedlam
A place which reflected what we are
A bond with the others

Additionally, there are wands that were given to the servants of the councilors. Some of us have these as well and we should still make that known. Like myself, I believe I have the wand that belonged to the servant of Masks.

My thought is that we can help one another to get the necessary tools for each of the councilors. I will make a catalog of what we have and share it with you all as we get more information.


Johan, et all;

I can attest to the location of the Defender's Weapon, I am in search of the place (though I am in need of help for this).

I personally have a hard time with the servant, and Bond.

Also, in my possession, as it has been for over a year now is a wand. It is not the Defender's wand, but that of Masks. As I told Johan and others at Black and White, I will give this wand to the one the others support. Until then know, oh Dreamers, that it is safe.


Johan et al,

My warning about taking things from Bedlam applies to you all as well. If the Servant for a Counselor position is gone then it will not be gotten in the same manner again. The old Servants were removed in secrecy back before Bedlam was awake and aware of the Fae leaving. To much must be sacrificed to remove something from there and you can't be sure of what you get.

Nothing Good Comes Out Of Bedlam.

That said. You all may be over thinking the gifts. Do you need to seek the originals? Titania's Counselors did not have them. Like them, you all are part of a new story and not a retelling of an old one.

Laurante D'Rhian


I have said as much to Johan, and I believe Rel...

Some of the Originals, it is good to have. Why? Because of how they were made. Niall's Tears for instance... do you know what they are? If these were to be in the wrong hands, Hell in Fae, and all Chaos (as your "god" revels in) would reign supreme.

As far as Bedlam: I helped open it. You never, ever, need to nor have the right to lecture me about it and what comes of it.
You were not there when it opened.



Ask me the story of the Tears, I have it if you were not there for it's telling just over a year ago.
I think most of the weapons are the same, in that they were "forged" a specific way. And their hidden power and potential, is far more dangerous than some people realize.


The Defender Servant is in the Mysts.
The Defender place is atop a hill, where water and sky meet.
The Defender gift/cup is in Nimbus' hands.
The Defender weapons are in Freesia's hands...almost.
The Defender wand is missing and I am unsure where it is.


Does anyone have an objection to me compiling a list of all the gifts
into Ivory's Library?

Yes actually.
I am unsure if the BSG has access to the Library.
If they do, they would know what to stop us from getting or know what to get themselves.

Just a thought.


To all,

I think it would be unwise to make the lists and locations of these items public knowledge. The Black Star Guild seeks them as well. We don't need to be helping them out by doing their work for them and sharing the information.

Others opinions on the matter?

-Valas Baneshot

I don't have a Problem, per se.
Here is my concern: We are working together, and also in conflict with those who would stop us and destroy the councilors. Having a public archive gives our knowledge to the enemy who wishes to stop us (though, we are kinda winning that one).

I would think if you wanted to list just that there are gifts, and that each councilor has so many, but not specifics (no names, no who has, etc), it would be better.
Or... Is there a Private Archive, perhaps? One that can be made public later?


A Few Points (I'm into lists today):
  • The BSG does not have access to the Library. Beyond that, I can
    place information behind as many locked (physically and arcanely)
    doors as we like. It's more a matter of how many people here would
    like access there.
  • They already know the places and gifts, their intell has been
    consistently better than ours.
  • My understanding is that these missives are an effort to pool and
    organize information. As not all 25 participants have been identified,
    it seems worthwhile to distill useful info for future members.

    I'm going to take a stab at sharing the inventor gifts. I apologize in
    advance for any vagueness, the design is not to be uselessly
    enigmatic, but some details are up for debate and somewhat

    The Inventor Servant is ... complicated. I'm not 100% clear on how
    much it was a living fae elf, and how much she was a construct built
    for Gwydion. Likely before she pushed off the fae equivalent of mortal
    toil she created a reasonable facsimile of herself to continue
    Gwydion's work. Said construct was almost definitely lost in the
    tower, but the servant may not be beyond reach. Again, apologies for
    being enigmatic, I can elaborate more at individual requests, but it
    only gets more garbled for me.

    The Inventor place was a tower on an island. If it is not beyond
    recovery, it likely will be soon. It had to be destroyed to seal a
    bedlam gate which opened at its base.

    The Inventor gift/cup... may be several things, Some held by me, some
    by others. I have Gwydion's cup, but suspect the gift to be something

    The Inventor weapon(s) are uncertain. I've heard rumor of a hammer,
    but that may be a tool of other origins. It's also a distinct
    possibility that the inventor's 'weapon' is something far less
    traditional in nature. I believe that may be a distinct possibility
    for several councilors.

    The Inventor wand was previously believed to be in Mythguard, but it
    is now thought that is a wand of some other nature.

    I would be happy to hear any elaboration or conjecture from other inventors,

    The Dreamer's Gifts:

    The Wand has been spoken for
    The Servant is currently believed to be Harlest
    The Place is likely within the Dreaming, and I have reason to believe that I and others have been there in the past. It was dangerous however, and not a place to venture alone. I haven't looked for it again in a long time, so I'm not sure if it survived Masks' cycling. Even if it is lost though, we should take the words Laurante said for inspiration, and realize that these can be our gifts as well, a new Place could be made.
    The Bond - I have no information on the Dreamer's
    The Weapon - Also no information, but I somehow doubt it was overly conventional.

    ~Tillion Bluemoon


    When you say the wand it "spoken for"; have the Dreamers made a choice?



    My apologies for the wording. I meant that you had spoken for its whereabouts. I have tried to put together a meeting of the Dreamers, but some have not responded. I hope therefore to see them all in Achoria in just over a week, where we will talk and hopefully make our decision.


    To the Dreamers,

    I remember quiet a while ago when we had to save Masks, that Aymise called herself the Servant of Masks to open the door in the Dreaming where Masks and the others were being kept. Has that discrepancy been resolved yet?



    I would be very interested to hear this story, from you as well as from Aymise and others who were there. If you recall, I was not able to be there for a multitude of reasons.



    I honestly don't know anything more than what I saw. Aymise knelt down at the door, with a single rose. She whispered something along the lines of "As the Servant of Masks, I open this door." and it indeed opened for a short time. Aymise, can you shed some light on this?


    The Mage's gifts are somewhat unknown, unfortunately.

    The Servant may have been the one who originally covered Chimeron in the Mysts, but that is uncertain. In any case, its whereabouts are unknown.

    The Place has not yet been seen, however, I believe I have its key.

    The Chalice, while not one of the Five Gifts, is in my possession.

    The Bond has not been seen.

    The Weapon was a dagger, but also has not been seen.

    The Wand appeared once in the Dreaming, in my hands, but has not been seen physically.

    The complete lack of actually physically finding any of the five gifts leads me to wonder whether they were hidden away in any form during Rosetta's imprisonment.

    - Ged

    First off, I want to thank you all for your swift and furious responses to my inquiry of the gifts. This type of activity will go a long way to ensure we will be successful as a group. My intention is to divine as often as I possibly can to determine more details on the information we have. Please use these letter carriers to keep one another informed as to when we will be attending major gatherings. That being said, I think that if we have magics at our disposal we should work as one to improve the resulting information.

    As to Gideon's question below, the wand in Mythguard is in my hands and I believe it belongs to the servant of Masks.

    Also, for data cataloging, I agree that the Library of Ivory is a good location. I will also be collecting the information for ease of personal reference. I tend to collect thoughts in more in patterns when dealing with these types of situations.



    The Wand is in the hands of Avendar.

    -Valas Baneshot

    I apologize for my late responses for these missives, I have been out a few days hunting and have just returned to an overwhelming pile of unhappy delivery birds.

    First off, I do not believe the wand of Masks is in anyone's possession or ever will be again. I know this because of the adventure to save Masks and others.

    Leading up to that adventure, I visited the home or castle of Masks (call it as you will). To the best of my understanding, it can only be accessed through the dreaming, at least that is how it was while he was asleep. It was during this adventure when I came across his wand. Through my want to believe and the aid of Masks in the dreaming I was able to carry the wand out of the dreaming with me. When it left the dreaming, it took on the form of a flower, a rose to be precise. At the bidding of Masks, I took this with me on the adventure to save them. When we came across the final doorway, I knelt, offered the wand, declared myself as the servant of Masks, in that name and his true name, and plead entry to save my master. The wand in my hands was obliterated and the doorway opened. The events following can most likely be told better by others as I spent the remainder of the time scurrying and trying to keep Masks with us.

    ~ Aymise

    Avendar's wand is believed to be a Black Star guild item.



    If this is the case and truth, then Cecil's magics were a failure at Black and White 1009. On the auction table sat a wand, and he won it for me with his black ticket from the Vault auction. When he presented it to me, he identified it, and it was said to be the Wand of Masks.

    Perhaps those with Magic and the uncanny ability to do thinky things could look into this? (Pointy end goes in squishy thing, armored me stands between you and pointy thing while you do magic)


    Quite a few misconceptions and discrepancies here. Read with a discerning eye. ~Aven
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