The City of Ivory is a well-developed city-state situated at the mouth of the Armont river. Originally, on the site of the modern-day city, an Auroran monastery once stood due to the quiet, but otherwise accessible location of the city. Eventually the scope and size of the monastery there changed, as a lot of focus was put on the many travelers and non-Aurorans who did business through there. As a port was established for shipping farm goods downriver, the settlement grew quickly, drawing not only merchants, but scholars and adventurers as well. Its population now numbers slightly over twenty thousand. Bright white stone, used in building the walls and prominent buildings such as the Temple and the Tower, provide the city its namesake. Being the last stop of civilization between the Realms and the West, Ivory is used frequently by travelers, traders, and treasure hunters. Much of the city's residents and visitors find themselves drawn to one of the unofficial districts - the Market, the Craftsman's District, and the Temple District, which also contains the Library. A number of farms and other rural dwellings are based in the broad lands stretching to the East of the City proper. Most of the residents worship Aurora, but Justari has a significant following as well.
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