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The Lands of Val'Dara began as a gift from Fairhaven. Founded by Baron Tak and several others who were originally of Fairhaven, Val'Dara has a history of taking a decidedly firm stance on good, and standing firm against evil forces.

While lead by a Baron or Baroness, the power as such is moderated by a council of jarls, landholding leaders of the people. Jarls are named as such in recognition for the work they provide above and beyond that required by them, often by taking on responsibilities of their own volition. However, all members of Val'Dara have equal say in matters of importance.

The peoples of Val'Dara are varied, accepted by their actions and deeds, with the belief that is is not who or what you are so much as it is what you do, that defines you. On the other hand, as the previous baron was a Champion of Min, Val'Daran parties are no trifling matter, known to be while and extensive. They are not quick to judge, more than willing to use force if necessary and diplomacy has failed, but enjoy time spent with friends.

Though it is still a young nation, in the scope of the surrounding kingdoms, it is not to be underestimated. The land is wild, largely untamed though cities and ruins have been slowly built and researched, and rich in natural resources. It has one major city, though some smaller ones have begun to appear around some locations. During the coldest of winter months, many civilians will move from smaller villages and towns into larger locations to share warmth and resources. Still, Val'Dara is primarily a heavily wooded land, keeping the land warmer longer into the winter months and cooler in the summer months than cleared farmlands or the swamps to the south.
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