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A Pull Draws us to Necron

Author: Squire Margaret August
Date: 9/23/1023
A group of adventurers felt a magical pull coming from Necron. It was not a compulsion, but curiosity got the better of us and so we went. When we arrived, we met Calladen. He was holding a red staff that looks eerily similar to the Staff of Satrael. This will become relevant later.
Calladen explains that he wants us to retrieve an artifact from his �mentor�, who is dead but immortal. He wants it out of his land. Calladen explains that this artifact is the key to somewhere he needs to go. Where Laika needs to go, he explained while looking at me.
So Calladen gave Aelias the dagger of sacrifice, which obliterates any who are stabbed by it, at great personal cost to the wielder. So we embarked on our quest. Creating a ring of gems in a configuration that looks sort of like a peace sign, to summon Calladen�s old mentor.
When he arrived, we learned that the Kingdom of Corona was a Kingdom of the light, and the high mage had a staff. But when they die their last death, they must spend the amount of time they spend wielding the staff inside of it to empower it up for the next person.
The strongest mage among us was to fight them, and instead of fighting amongst ourselves to determine who that was, Aelias was chosen to fight on behalf of us all. He won, taking on the staff as a burden. He then returned the dagger to Calladen, a decision which would alter the fate of this quest and the world.
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