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The Ascension of King James

Author: Squire Margaret August, Lightbringer
Date: 8/23/1023
Let me tell you a story. Of a good King who ruled with honor. Who was struck down before his time. And whom was restored by the faithful in order to take his place at the hand of the light.

King James was a valiant King. According to legend, the Goddess Aurora felt he exceeded her expectations in every way. And thus he deserved a gift. She granted the good King a quest to retrieve the Sword of Kings. A quest which he completed; reclaiming it from the dragon Strathmore. King James was also given the gift of reincarnation in order to guard over the sword.

And this cycle continued for hundreds of years. Until 26 years ago, Soul Taker struck down the valiant King, a wound so deadly even Auroras Golden Seed of Life could not overcome it. So King James rested, while a new King was decreed. Alcar Mortrass ruled Coventry for 25 years, purifying the seed through his life and actions. Knight Commander Faelinn then took the seed and buried it for when the time was right.

Heroes were called. The wards were taken down and the seed retrieved to be given to the great dragon Strathmore, in order to restore James. Ultimately, King James was returned to us. He held court one last time in the lands of Coventry. King James affirmed his faith in those who remained. High Priestess Bianca, Sir Hall, and Knight Commander Faelinn. That a new avatar and a new King must be found.

Dalindana called to James, and he walked off with her, arm in arm as immortal avatars of the light.
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