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Dream 08/29/10

People dreamed about the night of that year's Feast of Folkestone... - Aven
While many things are going on at Folkestone, you cannot shake an uneasy feeling that something else is going on... Something that is being missed on the radar of most of the adventurers gathered here this evening. As you consume your food, your drink, and occasionally engage in conversation with others, the uneasy feeling grows in your mind. You attempt to hide it as best as you can, not wanting to worry your close friends/your lord/your partner, but as the feast begins to wind down to a close, it's still there, as if something or someone were watching the comings and goings of this feast.

And your heart feels drawn towards sleep. But why sleep? Why now? What could possibly be gained by sleeping?
Created by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 09-19-12 07:28 PM
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