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The KOMING OF the grāt on

Author: Unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Zeek's Collection
Date: 05/29/24
Transcribed by: Omri

The universe was born in fire. The grāt one whose true name is Lost in time. His brother and sisters had flown far an unimaginable amount of time. They had begun to tire of endless nothing about them, and even their grāt wings grew tired. and Hawy (heavey) with the weight of eons. The great one, out of lowe for his family, bāthed a liwe flame to crate a world so they rest. He andd his si(x) brothers flew down to the new land and began to fashon it to their liking. The sisters, knowing their brothers well, waited until

The grat one told them the world was finished
ThoaLth, brother of ICE, brathen
the northlands, crāted water hd winter. Fteth, brother of fire, crāted the sun to sircle the Land and warm it. It is the war between the se brother that birth the sisters. Tethaath, brother of lightning, made the sky and air, breathed the storms and wind. Gwraath, broth of asid, liked none of his brothers and made all varieties of plants to live and grow in the climates of his brothers. To truly anger them, he made all his creations beautiful

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Frasth, twin of gwraath, and brother of poison, spit to life all animals that liwe to āt the works of his twin. The grate one was not pleased with his brothers. He had made the world in order for them to re(st?), not fight. He saw all he would haw to make senteint rases of crātures to take care of and to help belense what his brothers had created. So he moved the land to make mountains, osāns, rivers, and caves to separate his brothers. Then with his grāt flame he gave higher thought to thousands of peoples. Elves, humans, orcs, trolls, and many more. EĀCh with different life spans, and strengts to populate and prosper in their own way. He asked his sisters to govern

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These peoples and take care to keep brothers from crāting ultimate chaos.

There was one brother who wanted nothing to do with te fashoining of the land. He was Selth, the last one. He Approached the grāt one and told him of his longings. the grāt one was angered by his brother's insult, to utterly deny his gift. There was a grāte battle. It was surrios and their animosity toward each other incresed. the grate one breathed the living fire at Selth and the eārth that clung to Selth's body turned to precios gems against his mighty hide. So enraged was the grāte one at Seth and all his brothers from the disserthise to his gift to them, he turned and


Burrowed into the earth, never to return to
their presense. Selth took to the sky and as well vowed never to return. at night when you look into the void, you will see his grāte hide glistening with gems
As he sircles, and those gems they call stars

So ends the story of creation
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