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Margarets Auroran Verbals

These are some of the verbals which I use when I call to Aurora to perform my magic. People are welcome to use or modify these as they see fit.

Heal Limb- 20 words
By Auroras Light, you put up a fight. Why are you so grim when I can just cast heal limb?

Raise Dead- 30 words
By Auroras Grace, you find me in this place. Doing what it is I best do, in this case healing you. So do not fret for I cast raise dead.

Call the Soul- 30 words
You find yourself at deaths door. But thats okay, I can make you soulless no more. By Auroras Divine decree, I return your soul to thee. Now call the soul.

Protect the Soul- 30 words
My soul is off limits, you foul beast. My goddess protects me, from the likes of yourself at least. Attack me if you dare. But foes beware. Protect The Soul

Your soul is off limits, from those who wish you harm. My goddess protects you, so feel no alarm. You shall stay in control. For I cast protect the soul.

Light- 3 syllables

Enchant armor- 30 words
Aurora lets me enchant your armor tonight, so you can continue to fight for what�s right. Her power grants me, the ability to fix thee. Now I cast enchant armor

Aurora enchants my armor tonight, so I can continue to fight for light. With her holy power, I can have full armor at any hour. I now cast enchant armor

Enfeeble Being- 30 words
I declare you mundane. I now end your reign. Your power is stripped away, watch it flow, watch it fly, in the name of Aurora, you will die, enfeeble being!

Ghost Blade- 20 words
In the name of the light this weapon is hidden from sight. It is no charade, I cast ghost blade.

Resist Magic- 20 words
Your magic means nothing to me. Hope will set me free. This could be tragic if I couldn�t cast resist magic.

Identify- 30 words
Shine on this object so I am not led astray. With hope and light as my guides I will learn the truth today. It should be no surprise that I cast identify.

Armored Cloak- 30 words
My cloak is protected in the name of the light. Aurora keeps me safe with her might. Even if I am poked, I will survive thanks to my armored cloak

Cure Disease- 20 words
Aurora, goddess of purity help me please. If she lets me, then I agree to cast upon you cure disease.

Detect Magic- 20 words
Please light the truth so I may see, if there is any magic near me. Now let me detect magic.

Disrupt Light- 20 words
Though I loathe to do this, for light lies within> Temporary darkness, is needed so we may win. Disrupt Light.

Immunity to Poison- 10 words
Aurora with your power of purity, may you provide immunity (to poison)
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