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EA: Dalindana Re-forged

OOC Emerald Path Event Announcement Brochure

Event Announcement: Dalindana Re-forged

Hast thou forsaken the gods? The powers call its greatest
champions to gather for a most sacred purpose. The young squire
has managed to gather the pieces and the item will be re-
forged. Should he hold it again? Many of the beings you
worship question his right. If it is "Blessed" again then the
wielder may use it for great good or horrible evil. Whether to
serve your god or simply ensure it falls not into the wrong
hands, you must gather.

Prerequisite: The player must explain his or her status as a chosen one of a deity, spirit, or powerful being.
  • 1. This will be a one day quest, probably only taking 2-3 hours.
  • 2. It will either be held at another person's event or in land in northern CT.
  • 3. This may or may not be an official event, depending on the duration of the event. In that case, all things would be equal to a legal event except no spell credit or new magic item.
  • 4. Only a maximum of 15 people will be allowed to PC. The first people to register and give me a five-minute explanation of the power they serve will be the players.
  • 5. Cost-$5
  • 6. The event will occur within the next year [no date on this document], but a specific date has not been set.
  • 7. Event holder: Randy Gordon
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