Welcome to the Library of Ivory. This is an in-character site, where the heroes of the Realms can share writings discovered in, or written about, our adventures.

If you have documents that you wish to add, please do so, wheither they are your own notes on a threat, or a page you translated from runes that were found in the course of your adventures.

Reading Content

Start under the Lore or Site Map Sections. We have catagorized documents by the nation or enemy that they concern.

Adding Content

To add content, press the "Add Child Page" button that shows up when you are logged in, and looking at a page which you can add to. Write your document, or paste it into the field, choose a Privacy Group, and press "Add Content"

Privacy Groups

You have access to two privacy groups, "Public Lore" should be used for anything that you wish to be visible to everyone, and "Protected Lore" should be used for documents that require login to view. The Library is well guarded, and this will prevent known enemies of the realms from seeing the protected documents.


If you check the 'Document' checkbox when adding or editing a peice of lore, it signifies that you wish that page to be the start of a document, and that sub-pages of that page will not be displayed in the table of contents.

Editing Content

You may edit any content that you created. Press the "Edit Page" button on a page you can edit, to enter the edit screen. Make the changes you want to, and press "Edit Content"

Other Questions

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email Iacob or Cain
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