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Rein, goddess of the Flow of Magic. She would be lawful, but without mercy. This was in place since the beginning of the Wrake battles, but with her destruction are now obsolete.

1 Lesser Disenchant 1 casting, 50 word verbal.
2 Immunity to Magic Missile Self only. Sash spell.
3 Magic Missile 10 castings.
4 Circle of Protection restricted to 10 rope.
5 Spell Potion Create a potion of up to 2 castings of a spell you have at least two castings of remaining. The spell potion then consumes those castings. Anyone who drinks the potion gains those castings.
6 Spurn Magic Sash Spell. Target is immune to all magic, both helpful and baneful. Sash may only be removed by caster. Cannot be cast on an unwilling target.
7 Spell Reset Reset the spells of any one person. Does not reset itself, nor any other casting of Spell Reset.
Tags: Regional Magic
Created by Janna Oakfellow-Pushee at 03-20-08 11:24 PM
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