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KoEF Tournaments '10

Circle 1, you got to choose a spell from the pool of lowest levels spells that were not on paths.
Circle 2, you recited a three-word verbal: "I'm Feeling Lucky..." and then immediately asked the gods a question as if you had the spell Fortune Tell, but without that pesky pronoun restriction. On the other hand, you only got one use out of it, and it didn't stop the gods from being vague if they so chose.
Circle 3 was a Selfish Heal Limb. Three little words and you healed your own limbs, one at a time.
Circle 4 was interesting. You could snatch the magical energy one used for magic missile and wield it once as if it was yours.
Circle 5 protected one from boulders. I heard it would have been helpful in the mage's maze downstairs.
Circle 6 was called The Waking Dream. With a candle or some incense in hand, a Regionalist would recite some verses: "Who needs to be asleep? I'll walk the waking dream to more adequately understand Life, such as it is." The gods would then grant a dream for which the Regionalist was entirely "awake" for, but was not aware of the actual world around him. This proved odd, if not humorous, to those who did not know their friends were in a waking dream. While I did not participate in such castings, the younger denizens of Rua Tharr Cinn were able to figure out through this regional that the Faelinn running around was a 'Dream Faelinn', that is not the real Faelinn, who had been stuck in the Dreaming with Amergin since October of the previous year. Go figure.
Circle 7 allowed anyone who had this regional meet the criteria of up to three tournaments. So, three-path casters could suddenly wield a pike or have access to armor stronger and heavier than before. One had to stand proudly and announce: "I meet that criteria!" to the marshals for the tournaments, however. Nothing like announcing one's presence for a tournament. I feel mock battles such as these would be more epic if names were announced to an audience. - Sir Iawen Penn, KoEF
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