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Nymphus Yarrow

Author: Sir Iawen, recording for Sir Mahkta McKrye
Date: 05/28/09
May 28th, 1009 (M.R.)

Before living the area with Tillion, I am writing down the legal and simple 'regionals' for this land. I've seen Sir Mahkta McKrye and she does in fact approve of this list, which leads me to believe that she herself may or may not have had a hand in its creation...

1st: Bandage Uses: 5 Material: White or Light-Colored Strips of Cloth labeled clearly with the word BANDAGE. Wrap around the damaged limb, then hold it there for a count of 10 seconds. That limb can only have one bandage cast on it per event. If the limb is diseased, it will need a Cure Disease cast upon it before it can be Bandaged.

2nd: Guiding Light Uses: Unlimited, Material: A lightstick, Verbal: 3 syllables, A true leader can see all, even when the sun has set upon him. Allows the caster to cast Light as per the spell, except it cannot be Disrupted and does not have to stay within voice range of the caster.

3rd: Direction Sense - The people in Nymphus Yarrow always seem to know where they are going and how to get there, even to a friend's home in a snow-storm. (This is like Find the Path, only this will not lead you to objects in Nymphus Yarrow, just people and places. If the person is not in Nymphus Yarrow, then the spell does not work). This is always 'up'.

4th: Kitchen Witch - With the right ingredients, ritual, and belief, anything is possible. Well, anything you can do in your kitchen.

(Spells that have a ritual done with forest/kitchen materials can be 'copied'/created in lesser form. Nothing bigger than a 3rd circle, nothing that is a Necromantic spell (Zombie Walk, Send, et cetera). A ritual is required, the better the 'show' the better chance of getting the spell you need.)

5th: None, as no strong power/force resides in Nymphus Yarrow...

6th: None, as no strong power/force resides in Nymphus Yarrow...

7th: None, as no strong power/force resides in Nymphus Yarrow...
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